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Today i read about my beloved not only to me but alos to khalsa panth, my respected Chacha ji (Bhai Sahib Bhai Avtar Singh ji Ragi). I am shocked to read 'bhai avtar singh ragi's elder brother LATE Bhai Sahib Bhai Gurcharan Singh Ragi.'

For your kind information, my father Bhai Sahib Bhai Gurcharan Singh ji Ragi is still alive and by Waheguru ji grace he is 93yrs plus.

You are requested to kindly rectify that by erasing word 'late'.

Secondly, I have the audio recording i.e. live recording of Bhai Sahib Bhai Avtar Singh ji and Bhai Sahib Bhai Gurcharan Singh ji Ragi. Singing together. please tell me how can i send you through internet.

Furthermore, you all will be glad to know that Punjab Government has awarded 'Shiromani Ragi Award 2008' to Bhai Sahib Gurcharan Singh ji Ragi. We have the picture of that ceremony for which i can mail you. I need your address.

Daas of Khalsa Panth



Bhai sahib Bikram Jit Singh ji,

I am sorry for this serious mistake and I will rectify it immediately. May I thank you for letting us know about this unfortunate error. Please keep in Chardikala and having met late Bhai sahib Avtar Singh in Barcelona in 2004, the whole of my family who met him miss him and his marvellous contribution to the Sikh panth. Guru di fateh, Hari Singhtalk 19:26, 21 February 2009 (UTC)

  • Bhai sahib ji, I have made the correction. Could you kindly please check for me and see that indeed it has been corrected properly and that I have not missed it. Your help is most appreciated. Guru di fateh, Hari Singhtalk 19:32, 21 February 2009 (UTC)

I am most thankful for the offer of the audio and photos. If you can scan the photos then please send me both at [email protected] If you need to post it, I will send you my address by email, please send me a small email and I will reply directly.

We are very proud of your family and their amazing contribution to the panth and the whole world through Gurbani recital. Any information that you can provide about the family will only help us to provide better details to the world. Many thanks. das, Hari Singhtalk 19:39, 21 February 2009 (UTC)