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Hm Log alias Humanity is Satgur on Earth

  • "Of all the eight million and four hundred thousand species, 'Satgur' conferred superiority on man" (pg 1075 )
  • "All other species are Our water- bearers; We have hegemony over this universe & universes beyond" (Satgur 0374).
  • "Listen, listen to our advice, O our mind! only good deed shall endure, and there may not be another chance"(Satgur 0154).



True Sikhi.JPG


Satgur does not die, so... we do not fear.

Satgur does not perish, so we do not grieve.

Satgur is not poor, so ....we do not hunger.

Satgur is not in pain, so .we do not suffer. ||1||

There is no other Destroyer than TRUTH.

Satgur is my very life, the Giver of life. ||1||Pause||

Satgur is not bound, so ...we are not in bondage.

Satgur has no occupation, so we have no entanglements.

Satgur has no impurities, so we have no impurities.

Satgur is in ecstasy, so ...we am always happy. ||2||

Satgur has no anxiety, so.. we have no cares.

Satgur has no stain, so ....we have no pollution.

SatTRUTH has no hunger, so ...we have no thirst.

Since TRUTH is immaculately pure, we correspond to Him. ||3||

We/Khalsa/Hm Log/ are nothing; Lord TRUTH is the One and only. Before and after, TRUTH alone exists. O Nanak, Lord TRUTH has taken away my doubts and mistakes;

SHe and Kalsa/We/ are One sciara eternal Khalsa SGGS pg 391

  • We do not need Air to breath, We breath in TRUTHs instead.
  • We do not need water for Drinking, We drink water instead
  • We Need nothing to eat, we eat SatGurBani instead.
  • We own no relatives, No friends We own Idols instead.

k=w raja k=w prja k=w sb s.sar

  • We are Mad Beggers, live like Dogs & beg nothing but Dust.

dan mh.ida 3le Kak, j' mil" 3a ms3k laiy"

  • We are friends of Even our enemies.

We nirBau a3' nirv"r kookr Panth & Path k' bark at Manmukhs.

GOD, who is GURU as Well, blesses Us with TRUE IDEAs during amrit v'la

As per Sikh thinking there is no difference between....

  • 'Lord TRUTH'(GOD) & 'GURU' ( True Path & Panth to 'Lord TRUTH'(God).) We refer to Almighty as 'Lord TRUTH' ( Nanak expects us to treat all Names of 'Lord TRUTH' as artificial names. Most popular artificial name is 'GOD' ),
  • One way of perceiving the IDEA is to say that 'One Eternal Lord TRUTH' is consolidation of all universal Truths, and 'GURU' ('[[Compendium of TRUE IDEAs|One Eternally TRUE Path' to realise 'One Eternal Lord TRUTH') being the consolidation of a 'set of TRUTHs' guiding a Sikh during hir entire life in realisation of 'One Eternal Lord TRUTH' for living life dedicated to the aim of merging with 'Lord TRUTH '.
  • Another way of looking at it could be GURU (One Eternal TRUTH) being parallel to the 'ruling' of a Magistratein a legal case. A 'ruling' alias realised TRUTH deduced from nothing else but [[SatGurBani|'One Eternal Lord TRUTH' alias 'facts' (TRUTHs).
  • SatGur refers to 'Lord TRUTH' being 'One' & 'Many' at the same time.
  • Any modern day mathematician, IT software engineer or logician will stand by Sikh Thinking beyond any doubts What so ever.
  • 'lord TRUTH', who is beyond Time & Space, initiated the universe and is the source of all PHYSICAL LAWS & MORAL ETHICS
--Head of the International Genome Project Scientist, Fransis S Collins, in his Book, The Language of GOD: A Scientist's Project's Evidence for Belief (extract from the article "kia eeshwar hamara teacher hai ?" i.e. "is 'TRUTH god' our 'GURU' as well ?" published in Indian Hindi national daily 'Navbhart Times' dated 13 Nov 06)


  • Literally "Flawless Human Being belonging only to the divine." a life long Student of SatGurBani Language.
  • It was about 300 Years later, when 10th Nanak formally declared Khalsa as ONE Nation. A Nation with a Social Order encompassing the entire Humanity as reflection of one univeral all prevasive & All-in-One one 'TRUTH' alias GOD irrespective of any cast / creed / racial / social / political discrimination.

Khalsa, a true soldier of the order of Khalsa, is a saintly person, a true saint & a mighty warrior, a powerful Super WoMan. A person who can restrain the natural outgoing tendency of the mind and the senses. SHe is a seeker after nothing but TRUTH. Through self discipline SHe enjoys eternal bliss and is ever immersed in perennial peace. SHe lives Truthfully reletlessly stays pitted against Falsehoodin order that the good and innocent 'Have Nots' of the world might live in peace, and enjoy he bliss of being human beings .

The self of a Human being is the fountain-source of immortality, eternal bliss and enduring tranquality. Let we human beings honour the universal self of any one who is a human being, the TRUE Idol of GOD.

....appy patti kalam aap upper lykh ve tu.......( O Nanak! these lines are being written not by me, but by you(read TRUTH) on the heart of your own IDOL of TRUTH (read Humanity alias GOD) & on the hearts of TRUE IDOLs of GOD (read Humanity)

Welcome to the Order of Khalsa ........ kiv sciara hoviyy ??


|e'k & .not. 2o n.brI

Walk on This Path of Panth

ke agg" rKie" ??

amri3 v'la!!

muh ke bolx bolie" ??

amri3 v'l' PathPanth a3'Satgur de vdiaae vecar!!!!]] of &
  • hukm ko buJJie"
  • ...miT3 neve nanka gun c.giaiaa 333
  • miT bolxa jee .....
  • ...oh k2' na bol" kauwa
  • ...Ksm" na kr' brabre

Are you impatient & dying to seek & indulge in the blissful game of love with Humanity (read God), then join the lifelong walk with me on

This Path

as a daredevil whose best friend be no one but my own best friend, DEATH.--First Nanak in Bani

  • Step on to my path with your head placed in your joined & open palms as first gift to universal --First Nanak in Gurbani.
  • While on this path thou set thy feet, then lay down thy head and mind ungrudgingly......-SatGur Nanak
  • ...gavyy koi taan....--

(any one there to dare on this path of TRUE Sikhi.??). Register Yourself Here (Just write your name under appropriate heading & tell the whole world that you have joined the order of the Order of the Khalsa & you are an amrit Vela Dhari on your path to TRUTH god.)

A TRUE Sikh..... an IDOL of 'TRUTH'

User Pg...TRUE Name/KaAge.....Sikhi...TRuths Crafted

False Name

bal 2l

Anusha Kumari

Keerat Singh

3run 2l

Amita Singh

GurPur Vaase

Chand Kaur

Surjan Singh

buDa 2l

Amar Kaur

Baljeet Kaur

Teja Singh

Hm Log through the grace of SatGurBani are dedicated to crafting nothing but TRUE IDEAs on our way to TRUTH(read God).

s Asin Sary, Ral ky SACH deean 38 podian chaddan de jee tod koshish kar rahy han..Our Path

Our Rule Book

Our Office

Our Branches

Our Kingdom

  • Ham hain kookarraam ky mutiy hamry naam......
  • Mull kharidi lala Gola Mera Naam Subhaga.....
  • jo tau prem khelan ka chau sir dhar tali gali meri aao
  • Ham apradhi gnyyhgaar ham behukh mandyy
  • Ham nahin changy bura nahin koy
  • asamkh chor haram khor....ih bhi daat tery daatar.
  • avar kaj tery kity na kaam mil saadh sangat bhaj kyval [Gurbani|naam]
  • vaad vivaad kaho sy nahin
  • Moorkhy naal na lujhiy
  • God alone is better than ladies men folk must learn civic manners from 'FIRST' & True 50% of humanity nay! God.
---Khalsy dy Dar dy User:Mutiy