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Kaljug meh Kirtan pardhana. Gurmukh japeya lahai dhiana.
"In this dark era of Kalyug, the singing of Kirtan is king,
the Gurmukhs sing it with their minds focussed.
you save yourself and all your clan and go to the Lord's Court with honour. (6)"
(SGGS p1075)
Kirtan performed by Ragi jatha

In this Shabad on page 1075 of the Sikh holy Granth, the fifth Sikh master, Guru Arjan Dev tells how important it is to sing Kirtan in this age of Kaljug. Kirtan is the singing of the Lord's praises with the accompaniment of musical instruments.

The Sikhs regard the Guru Granth Sahib as their perpetual spiritual guide. At the same time, it is a holy Scripture for all mankind that embodies the revealed truth applicable to all the human race. The holy Granth enshrines the wisdom of many spiritual masters of the East and is the most recent endeavour to allow us to experience the Divine.

Although Kirtan refers to any singing of the Lord's praise, for the Sikhs, it is the singing of hymns (Shabads) from their holy Scriptures. These hymns or shabads are soaked in deep spirituality and resonate with such divine thoughts as helps one to experience His Eternal glory. It connects one to the Divine Intelligence which makes one perceive the noumena behind the phenomena, the Eternal behind the ephemeral.

In the holy presence of Sri Guru Granth Sahib, the ignorant grow in the wisdom of the spirit and feel the presence of God. The message of Guru Granth Sahib is simple, succinct and practical. The scripture has a unique beauty of form, texture and thought. It keeps one’s gaze inward, as one performs the chores of daily life. .....More