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Sikhs being beaten with long batons at Guru ka Bagh

On August 8 every year, the global Sikh community remember the sacrifice made by thousands of their brethren in respect of "Guru ka Bagh Gurdwaras".

This article outlines the struggle by the Sikhs to see justice in respect religious freedom, their right to determine their religion and the management of their Gurdwaras - places of worship.

Below is an account of a major campaign in the Sikh agitation that took place in early 1920's. This resistance was for the reformation of their Gurdwaras (holy places).

Many Gurdwaras had been freed without much problem but they faced a serious hurdle here. Guru ka Bagh in Ghukkevali village is located about 20 km from Amritsar. It has two historic Gurdwaras close to each other, commemorating the visits respectively of Guru Arjan in 1585 and Guru Tegh Bahadur in 1664. .....More