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The golf magazine used what they though was a piece of stock art  depicting a generic Guru. They had no idea that the picture, portrait was associated with a Sikh Guru and were quick to apologise when this was pointed out.
The painting is not a Sikh Guru, but only an artist's representation which people have come to think of as a particular Guru. I don't think they wouldhave  used a real photo of a Sikh Guru if they existed or that one had they known people …. Hindu groups are now upset with Mike Meyers for the movie Guru Pitka . Was there really a Guru Pitka?
The golf magazine would probably not use a photo of a real Pope in such a way and maybe not even any paintings made of popes by artists for whom a Pope actually sat. There are no such portraits of Sikh Gurus, because the Gurus thought that Sikhs might come to relate to them as Holy objects (like murties are now sometimes thought of as the God they once represented.
Is it unfortunate that the word Guru has come to mean any special or well revered expert in any field, hence the depiction of what they thought was a generic Guru for their cover? For thousands of years the young men of India were told "you must have a guru". Many of  the Bhagats of Sikhi were in search of a Guru and I believe that at least the 2nd and 3rd Nanaks were also searching for their Guru as well when they fell at the  feet of Guru Nanak and Guru Angad.
Interesting that the word Pope has not caught on a  word for an expert. I can only guess that like Guru Nanak and the Bhagats who sought to have people drop the belief of  'this perfect Guru',  as every man  was equally able as any other man to find or make his own heart  be/become the Abode of God.
That was the whole reason for the Protestant movement, as the popes and priests,  like other priests, monks, rishis, ect.,  of other religions,  were pushing the idea that men/women must have an intermediary to speak their case before God. I believe that Guru Nanak was  out on his udasis trying to put an end to that practice. The idea that his mother or sister must have their own intermediary, a husband, to speak their case before God or pay a Purohit, his cow for a wedding to be 'sanctioned' before God was as appalling  to him as  the idea that a string could be a second umbilical cord and make one more 'born' (read better) than others.
(I guess one can even do evil,  thinking has heart is full of God, if his 'God'  condones killing and murder, tonight there was a program on tv about the Muslim guys in London who were planning to down 20 or so jumbo jets, arriving over American cities from London, killing thousands in the jets plus mass murders on the ground from the crashing jets with their liquid 'sport drink' explosives'.  When asked why it was so easy to find recruits to help them they said it was the belief of the 72 virgins in heaven waiting for each that made recruiting so easy. Sex - the same think that so often drives advertising also driving jihad.)  [[User:Allenwalla|Allenwalla]] 10:19, 16 September 2008 (UTC)

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