Sikhism in Trinidad

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Trinidad is an island small country which has obtained independence from USA in 1962.Sikh settlers had started living there from earliy nineteenth century. By oral history narration of Har Kaur at her age 70 on Sikh channel interview , she speaks of a Gurdwara in Trinidad and Tobago established by employer of her father S. Hemraj Singh. Her Father Karam Singh came to Trinidad from Ludhiana in early nineteen thirties.Afterdoing some odd jobs , Hemraj Singh , seeing good Gursikh qualities in Karam Singh engaged him in post of Granthi at Gurdwara which was opened in one Sunday every month. These days Gurdwara is opened every Sunday. A small Sikh sangat gathers there every week and langar is also served. Karam Singh married a Hindu girl of Trinidad and they reared up a family whose all children and grand children are sikhs and attend Gurdwara every week regularly.By 2009 ,there were only 10 Sikh families in Port of Spain and 1 Gurdwara with two storied air conditioned building. [1] Gurdwara was started by one businessman Hemraj Singh in around 1929 who was owner of Turban Brand Factory at Tunapuna Trinidad which produced tea, coffee, cocoa and black paper.[2]

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Oral history narrated at you tube link Sikhs in Trinidad Sikh Channel episode 1

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