Sikhism in Mauritius

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Although there were no Sikhs that came to Mauritius with the initial influx of Indian laborers in the 19th century, sporadic immigration from India has continued as Mauritius continues to develop its high-tech industry. There is now a small Sikh community on the island and a relatively new Sikh Gurdwara, Siri Guru Singh Sabha, Port Louis [1]The Sikhs constitute mere .03% of 12 lakhs population of Muritius. [2].2/3rd of Mauritius population is Hindus mostly from Bihar .They we’re brought to work as labourers in sugarcane fields during early nineteenth century when Mauritius was a British colony.Sikhs started coming with growing population and relations with India . Some of Sikhs are doctors or factories owners who are contributing to GDP of Mauritius with their produce or service.

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