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Baba Ishar Singh Ji (26 March 1913 - 7 October 1963) (Born Inder Singh ) was the son of S. Bagga Singh and Mata Partap Kaur. He was born on the 26 March 1913 (13th Chet) at the Village of Jhoraran, District Ludhiana (Punjab, India) He died on the 7 October 1963 at the age of 50 years.

Inder Singh (his childhood name) had four brothers and two sisters. Even as a child he was very soft spoken, of a kind temperament and a very helpful attitude to others. He was very fond of listening to the historical accounts of the lives of the Sikh Gurus and the stories of the lives of saintly and divine people.

That is why, perhaps, even at a young age he never liked to indulge in any 'trivial' playing or simple games that most children are fond of. Instead of jumping and indulging in playing around with boys of his age, he would rather spend time meditating on the formless god, in a secluded and quiet place. .....More