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Guru Tegh Bahadur supports the Kashmiri Pandits' freedom to choose their faith

The Sikh Gurus believed in giving the individual complete freedom to choose his or her spiritual path. They believed that there should be no compulsion or force used when an individual makes this choice.

Most of the disciples of the Gurus became their followers after listening to the Gurus' sermons and then voluntarily following the guidance provided by the Gurus.

The Sikh spiritual masters made no promises of heaven or paradise to entice these followers to follow the path of Dharma (righteousness).

The disciples were not told that because they were Sikhs and followers of the Gurus, only they would be welcomed by God. The Guru made it clear that only by following the path of truth and by undertaking righteous actions can one become dear to the Lord thus:

"One who practices truth, righteous living, charity and good deeds,
has the supplies for God's Path. Worldly success shall not fail him.(2)"
SGGS Page 743

Bhai Mardana was a life long companion of Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhi. Bhai Mardana was a Muslim from birth and remained as such until his last day. .....More