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Sachkhoj Academy is a Sikh institution which is spreading the real and true message of Gurbani with help from Nihang Dharam Singh and other members of the organisation. This Academy, which is situated in Khanna, is different in the sense that all the interpretations of Gurbani, done untill now are based on the worldly meanings; whereas Gurbani contains teachings which are Spiritual - Omnipresent and Omniscient. All of the Sachkhoj Academy Kathas are recorded at Khanna.

Dharam Singh Nihung Singh, Key person of Sachkhoj Academy

'Sach' means 'Truth' and 'Khoj' means 'Research'. That is what Sachkhoj Academy is all about, 'Research of Truth'.

Gurbani contains the knowledge of the soul, its origin, its purpose and the means to achieve that purpose. Effort on our part lies in searching or rather re-searching for that truth; the knowledge of which has already been penned down by Bhagats & Ten Mahals.

Objectives of the Academy

The sole objective of the academy is to search and establish the true message of Gurbani by following a simple and direct approach to the subject. The approach is 'to read from Gurbani' instead of 'reading the Gurbani', as is done usually. Gurbani is its own dictionary. You cannot make out any wrong meaning of any verse because the moment you make out something that is not absolutely right, there comes another verse that contradicts your explanation. The meanings that stand true from all stand points and all verses shall be the right ones.

The academy is not a cult that projects its own philosophy, rather it is a joint venture on part of some 'researchers of truth' who are trying to delve as deep as possible to get to the true message. It is a completely not-for-profit initiative and all the videos/audios are available for free on the internet for anybody to listen to and become part of this movement.

Aim of Academy

Dharam Singh Nihang Singh with Sangat at Gurmukhi Sammelan, Sirhind Feb 2014
  • Spreading Real Message of Gurbani.
  • Telling real meanings of Gurbani words with help of Gurbani itself.
  • Providing a correct interpretation of the Dasam Granth, whose real meanings are being misinterpreted by some Anti Sikh Elements.
  • Guiding people about going in wrong directions, where today's Sikhs have gone.
  • Replying to all the Anti-Gurmat or False articles roaming around media, with help of Guru Granth Sahib.

Works Done by Sachkhoj Academy

  • Sachkhoj Academy is preparing Video/Audio Teeka of Guru Granth Sahib. There is no self contradictory explanations and are dependent on Gurmukhi language for their interpretations.Their Videos are released on Youtube and 4Shared, in public it is released in Gurmat Samagam at Fatehgarh Sahib on 14th Nov.
  • Sachkhoj Academy done a revolutionary attempt, giving revolutionary and Gurmat based meanings of Major portion of Dasam Granth. They have prepared Audio-Video Teeka of Chandi Ki Vaar, Akal Ustati, Chandi Charitar Ukati Bilas, Chobis Avtar Commencement, Bachitar natak etc.
  • As per January 17, 2012, academy has launched interpretations of 37 Adi Granth Banis and 8 Dasam Granth Banis and random shabads from Adi Bani and Dasam Bani which are spread along WWW on,, [email protected], [email protected] etc.

Audio Video Teeka Details

Adi Granth Sahib

Bani Mahalleyan Ki

Name of Bani Audio Teeka Video Teeka
Gauri Bavan Akhri Mahla 5 4shared Youtube
Sohila 4shared
Asa Ki Vaar 4shared Sikhnet Youtube
Sidh Gosati 4shared Sikhnet Youtube
Ramkali Mahala 3 - Anand 4shared
Soohi Mahalla 4 - Laavan 4shared Youtube
Rahraas Sahib 4shared
Baramaha Manjh Mahlla 5 4shared Youtube
Aasa Patee Mahalla 3
Bihaagarhay Kee Vaar Mehlaa 4 4shared
Ga-orhee Kee Vaar Mehlaa 4 4shared
Ga-orhee Kee Vaar Mehlaa 5 4shared
Goojree Kee Vaar Mehlaa 3 Sikandar Biraahim Kee Vaar Kee Dhunee Gaa-unee 4shared
Raag Goojree Vaar Mehlaa 5 4shared
Salok Mehalaa 9 4shared
Siree Raag Kee Vaar M-4 Salokaa Naal(i) 4shared

Vaar Maajh Kee Tathaa Salok Mehlaa 1 Malak Mureed Tathaa Chandarharhaa Sohee-aa Kee Dhunee Gaavnee

Vadhans Kee Vaar Mehlaa 4 LalaaN Behleemaa Kee Dhun(i) Gaavnee 4shared
Thetee Gauree M-5 4shared


Name of Bani Audio Teeka Video Teeka
Ramkali Ki Vaar Satta Balwand Dumm Aakhi 4Shared Youtube
Raamkalee sadu (su(n)daru) 4Shared

Bani Bhagtaan Ki

Name of Bani Audio Teeka Video Teeka
Bani Bhagat Dhanna Ki 4shared Youtube
Bani Bhagat Ravidas Ji Ki 4shared
Salok Bhagat Kabeer Jee-o Kay 4shared
Bani Bhagat Kabir Ji Ki 4shared
Bani Bhagat Namdev Jio Ki 4Shared Blip.Tv
Saarang Baanee Soordaas jee kee 4shared
Ramanand Jee (Basant Hindol) 4shared

Raag Sorath Banee Bhagat Bheekhan Kee


Dhanaasaree Banee Bhagatan Kee Sri Sainu

Dhanaasaree Banee Bhagatan Kee Peepaa 4shared

Baanee Sadhanae Kee Raagu Bilaavalu

Sireeraag Tarilochan Kaa 4Shared
Sekh Fareed Jee-o kee baanee 4Shared

Svaiyey Bhattan Ke

Name of Bani Audio Teeka Video Teeka
Sava-ee-ay Mahlay Pahilay Kay 1 4Shared
Sava-ee-ay Mahlay Doojay Kay 2 4Shared
Sava-ee-ay Mahlay Teejay Kay 3 4Shared
Sava-ee-ay Mahlay Cha-uthay Kay 4 4Shared
Sava-ee-ay Mahlay Panjvay Kay 5 4Shared

Dasam Granth Sahib

Name of Bani Audio Teeka Video Teeka
Akal Ustat(i) 4Shared Youtube
Bachitar Natak 4Shared Youtube
Chobis Avtar - Commencement 4Shared
Chandi Charitar Ukat(i) Bilas 4shared YOutube
Chandi Di Vaar 4Shared YOutube
Chandi Charitar(Part - 2) 4Shared Youtube
Ath Pakhyan Charitar Likhyatey (Chandi CHaritar) 4Shared Youtube
Kabiyo Baach Baintee Chopai Youtube
Rudra Avtar
Ath Nihkalanki Avtar Kathnang
33 Sawaiye vimeo video


Address Details
Headquarters Sachkhoj Academy, Nihang Dharam Singh Ji, Lalheri Road Khanna, Punjab, India
Website .net Address .org Address
Email [email protected]
Sachkhoj Academy.png

Mukhband - Sachkhoj Academy

Spoken by Nihang Dharam Singh, An Official Bearer [1][2]Translated to English by Narinder Singh, Chandigarh:

ੴ ਸਤਿ ਨਾਮੁ ਕਰਤਾ ਪੁਰਖੁ ਨਿਰਭਉ ਨਿਰਵੈਰੁ ਅਕਾਲ ਮੂਰਤਿ ਅਜੂਨੀ ਸੈਭੰ ਗੁਰ ਪ੍ਰਸਾਦਿ ॥
ikoankaar sathnaam karathaa purakh nirabho niravair akaal moorath ajoonee saibhan gurprasaadh||

The subject matter of Gurbani is the 1(One) that appears in the beginning of Guru Granth Sahib. Gurbani expounds on the One to whom all the religious thoughts of the world have the fundamental consensual faith. There may be different salutations for that One, may it be Allah, Raam or any other, but the fact is that all of them indeed refer to the same One. But the question is who is that One?

The consensual faith in the One, of all the religious thoughts of the world goes beyond the fact that thy is one. The attributes like:

  • thy is formless (hence invisible to eye),
  • thy doesn’t take birth and so doesn’t die,
  • thy doesn’t have parents (obvious, as doesn’t take birth),
  • thy is omnipresent,
  • thy is omnipotent,
  • thy is present in each being and
  • thy command is supreme

are also shared by almost all of the religious thoughts. But as the process of thoughts is dealt with in a deeper way, they diverge and ironically, these attributes themselves get lost down the line. It has been seen that these religious orders shun the fundamental aspects of the One and ultimately resort to explaining something else other than the One. [[Click here to read more...

Challenge to anti-Dasam Granth lobby

In the past, a challenge was thrown in open by the Sachkhoj Academy towards anti-Dasam Granth lobby inviting them to engage in an open public debate. Such a debate would put to rest any controversies around the subject once and for all, and prevent further dis-information to be passed on to public in the future. This open debate could be held in the presence of neutral judges chosen from the higher echelons of the society, and agreeable to both parties (pro and anti-Dasam Granth groups). It must be agreed that the decision of the judges that comes after this open public debate be considered final. In case of the decision coming in support of Dasam Granth, all anti-Dasam lobby will have to publicly apologize for their stand in front of Sikh authorities, and should agree to having lost their right to comment on Dasam Granth ever again. Same will go for the pro-Dasam Granth group too, in case the decision comes against them.

Please listen to this video to hear more about the challenge.

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