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Ravan is a figure who is a master brahmin having great knowledge of religion, righteousness, being a priest- king of lanka, who falls into lust by seeing sita the wife of Ram he kidnaps her takes her to lanka in his kingdom keeps her and tempts her to marry him he stays distant as she refuses. Hanuman comes to rescue her with his monkey army building a bridge from India to Lanka (believed to be sri lanka) they set fire to his kingdom and rescue sita. Ravan has hanumans tail set on fire. Ravan is shown with many heads and one head of a donkey his many heads show his intelligence of the vedas however foolishness for falling prey to his own lust in kidnapping sita. Sita is taken to Ram deemed to be impure she is put through the test of fire for her purity of not being physically intimate with ravan while away. She is passes and still subjects mock ram for having an impure wife, he banishes her she has a son and a specially spirtually given son lav and khush. The story of Ravan shows how a great king with knowledge, wisdom and spirtuality still feel to his own kaam known as kaama an indication of pride, arrogance and ego of his own greatness resulting in his lust which resulted in the destruction of his own kingdom and rule.