Radha Soami vs. Khalsa

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in response to the last piece of infiormation here, radha soami is not a 'faith' it is a deeper look into sikhism following the true meaning of sikhism to the word. Radha soami is a sant mat, this means a way of life, and for the information of of those hu think radha soami is a load of bull****, all religions in the world once started out as this and formed religions with rituals and other social crap which 'brings' the community together rather than the union of the soul with god. So in reality all religions and you can look back into as many history books as you want are nothing mere than wat man has done to an initial sant mat, and in tru fact it ses in the adhi granth that a tru 'living' master is needed to create this union between the soul and god. Radha soami is also based on the gurbani, and brings aspects of all religions to the table. i dont want to say much more cus i can go on for days but just to let u know dont knock things that you dont know about! and radha soami is not VS anyone, infact it unites the teachings from all religions!