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[[Image:Boy wearing patka.jpg|thumb|right|100px|A SIKH BOY WITH PATKA]]
[[Image:Boy wearing patka.jpg|thumb|right|125px|A SIKH BOY WITH PATKA]]

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Sikhs Children prefer to wear another small under-turban as well, just as we use other underwears OF many colours. This under-turban may be kept at bed-time as well, when the turban proper is taken off. similarly, during swimming and sports, the Turban is replaced by a small scarf called 'PATKA' which is knotted at the top to keep the hair intact. In fact PATKA is more popular with young Sikhs at school.

The patka is a simple cloth headcovering, consisting of about two square feet of fabric with strings to secure it. The patka is usually worn by sikh youths, or in the place of a turban by less traditional adult sikhs.