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A young Sikh boy wearing a Patka

Patka is a Sikh head covering which is worn by many Sikh children in preference to its bigger brother the turban. The Patka is also worn by many adult Sikhs as a under-turban as well, just as we use other underwear of different colours. This under-turban may be kept at bed-time as well, when the turban proper is taken off. similarly, during swimming and sports, the turban is replaced by a small scarf-sized cloth called the 'PATKA'. This is knotted at the top to keep the hair intact.

In fact PATKA is more popular with young Sikhs at school. The patka is a simple cloth head covering, consisting of about two square feet of fabric with strings to secure it. The patka is usually worn by Sikh youths, or in the place of a turban by less traditional adult Sikhs.

Styles of wearing Patka

There are basically three styles of wearing Patka:

1) to cover head and to tie knot(Sikh childern, sport persons) 2) to cover head and leave the cloth behind(Commondos, sports persons) 3) to cover head and to cover knot with cloth(Sikh childern and Youth too)

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