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Sikhs Celebrate July 4th with Seva
SEVA-thumb.jpg A Sikh organization named S.E.V.A. has been participating in the 4th of July celebrations for the last seven years. This year again, its members prepared a Sikh-American themed float and distributed 8400 bottles of free chilled water...... → read more
First Time Sikh Participation at European Prayer
simran-THUMB.jpg We met in a region that just a few years ago was overwhelmed by an unthinkable religious war. While there is no strong Sikh presence in the area, given the Sikhs' history, it seemed like an important place to contribute in prayer...... → read more
Report from Camp Miri Piri 2009
MP-THUMB.jpg My experience at Camp Miri Piri is hard to put into words, but I will try my best. I have been to many Sikhi related kid camps, but Camp Miri Piri was easily the best. I may not have become a saint-soldier as yet but I can start walking on the path to becoming one...... → read more