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"I refused to kill Sikh fighters.." - Gen Jamwal


Major-Gen J.S. Jamwal (retd), then General Officer Commanding (GOC), 15 Infantry Division claimed that he had refused to accept the advice of two senior Army officers to kill the militants taken into custody during Operation Bluestar...... → read more
Pakistani Sikh and Hindu officers usher in a new era


Hercharin Singh, 23 is Pakistan's first Sikh officer and a symbol of the changing face of its army. Dressed in a smart khaki uniform and sporting a solitary star on his shoulder, Lieutenant Singh cannot help suppress the sense of pride he feels....... → read more
402nd Martyrdom Of Guru Arjan Dev Observed at Uppuguda


The 402nd Martyrdom of Guru Arjan, the fifth Sikh Guru is marked with a colourful procession (Nagar Kirtan) from Gurdwara, Sikh Chawni, Nalebagh, Uppuguda, Hyderabad when hundreds of Sikh and others took part in the chanting of Gurbani Kirtan...... → read more
Maylasia - The 57th Gurdwara Cup in Pictures


Malaysian Sikhs hosted the 57th Gurdwara Cup in Seremban, Negri Sembilan recently. The Sports Carnival, which has been hosted by various states in Malaysia without a break for 57 years, saw Sikhs competing in hockey....... → read more
72-Year-Old Sikh To Walk 500 Miles For Funds In Cancer Research


A 72-year-old Sikh, Balwant 'Bobby' Singh Grewal started a 500-mile walk from Edinburgh to London to raise one million pounds for research into bowel cancer...... → read more
Inside and Outside.


The Almighty created this entire universe and then took residence in every particle of it. He is present in everything and is also beyond it. This perfect natural engineering is prevalent everywhere..... → read more
Tragic memory of 'Operation Blue Star'


June 5 and June 6 are reminders of the "Operation Blue Star" when Indian military, led by General Kuldip Singh Brar, launched attack on the Golden Temple, the holiest shrine of Sikhs in 1984, to arrest Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, the only leader who had been boldly fighting for the rights of Sikhs...... → read more