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The Nai is a Hindu and Sikh caste or clan originating in India. The members were traditionally occupied as barbers, although many have adopted the name Sharma that was historically the preserve of Brahmins.

In the state of Gujarat the Nais are referred by the name Valand. The Valand have several territorial divisions, such as the Soratia, Halai, Gohil, and Jalawadi. They are further divided into clans, called ataks, the main ones being the Vaghela, Parmar and Hanani. The Valand are endogamous and practice clan exogamy. They speak Gujarati and concentrated in the urban areas. The community is involved in the different trades, with many rural Valand have given up agriculture. Some are practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine

Social Groups

Rajput ♣♣ Khatri ♣♣ Lohar ♣♣ Kumhar ♣♣ Nai ♣♣ Chamar ♣♣ Arora ♣♣ Bhatra ♣♣ Agrawal ♣♣ Bania ♣♣ Sindhi ♣♣ Saini ♣♣ Julaha