Gurudwara Suhava Sahib (Sahwa)

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Suhava Sahib in Sahwa village (popular among the Sikhs as Suhava Sahib) in Churu district lies almost midway along Bhadra-Taranagar metalled road. Guru Gobind Singh stayed here for several days near a deep pond to the north of the village and, according to local tradition, celebrated the birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev here. A local devotee, Daulat Ram, constructed a memorials platform here. He and after him, his descendants continued to maintain it until 1873 when a Punjabi Namdhari Sikh, Ram Singh, settled here permanently.

He established a Gurdwara here to which Maharaja Rajinder Singh of Patiala made a grant of 150 maunds (about six tons) of wheat per year which was converted into an annual cash grant of Rs. 325 soon after. With this money Bhai Ram Singh started building the present building on the Baisakhi day in 1885. He and after him, his nephew and the latter's descendants continued as mahants of the Gurdwara until Baba Baghel Singh Sevawale of Sirsa acquired it from Mahant Harnam Singh in 1966 for further development, and separated it from the residential part of the former mahant's house. He also acquired about two acres of land a half furlong north of the Gurdwara. This plot of land has since been enclosed and developed into a serai with a Guru ka Langar. Further development continues under his successor Baba Pritam Singh.