Guru Granth Sahib on ablution

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The real ishnan (Ablution) as per Guru Granth Sahib is

1. They who worship not the divine True Guru and cherish not love for the word,in spite of repeated abultion and alms giving are ruined by profane love.


2. How can the giving of alms and donations and many abultions wash off the filth of the heart?


3. O friend, association with the saints congregation is the perfect abultion.


4. In the month of Magh deem the bath in the dust of Saint's congregation as an ablution at shrines. Remember and hear God's Name and bestow it as alms unto all.


5. The world praises those who walk along the true way.To take compassion the sentient being is more acceptable than bathing at sixty eight places of pilgrimage and giving all alms.


6. By no means the dirt of ego is washed off, even though one may have abultion at hundreds of places of Pilgrimage.


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