Guru Gobind Singh (Film)

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Sarbans dani Guru Gobind Singh,1998 is a documentry film on Guru Gobind Singh and Wazir Khan filmed in the Ropar area, by Manghal Singh Dhillon. The first two words of the title "Sarbans dani" are difficult to translate directly but roughly mean two things - the "ultimately compassionate donor" who is "able to perform the most supreme sacrifice".


I thought the movie was from the Mughal point of view. Mainly the governer of Sirhind, who had the shote sahibzade bricked up. The film was conceptually aimed at the governor, representing Banda Singh's attack on Sirhind. The characters mainly shown are Wazir Khan, his senapati (chief General), Gangu (the Guru's former Brahmin cook) and Wazir khan's wife.

Guru Ji and his family are not shown as actors, due to controversy with the Sikh community as no Human actor is by Sikh tradition allowed to portray a Guru as a (Dehdhari). Its like the events happened in the background.

Scenes or events depicted in the movie:

  • Attck at Chamkaur
  • the patial victory of Wazir Khan at Chamkaur
  • Taari (the clapping) by Guru Ji on leaving Chamkaur
  • Shah Mahomet and Wazir Khan's meeting
  • The betrayal and arrest of the Guru's youngest sons and their Dadimaa (Paternal Grandmother)
  • Martrydom of Mata Gujri, and the two youngest Sikh Martyrs
  • Banda Bahadur's sacking of Sirhind and the death of Wazir Khan.


  • Kulbushan Kharbanda
  • Sonu Walia
  • Girja Shanker