Dr. Bhai Sarbjit Singh (Sundar Nagar Wale)

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Dr. Bhai Sarbjit Singh (Sundar Nagar Wale)

Dr. Sarbjit Singh (Sundar Nagar Wale)

Dr. Sarbjit is an well known ragi all over the world. He mainly known an 'Sundar Nagar Wale', his native place. He dedicated his life towards Sikhism. By profession he is a Homoeopathic Doctor.
He is also awarded as 'Hazoori Ragi Sri Darbar Saheb'. Presently, he is living in Phagwara with his wife and two sons. Now without going deep into his personal life we talk about his tracks.
With grace of Waheguru he lives a peaceful life.

Some of his Tracks are as follow:

  • Jeo Prani Jal Bin Hai Marta
  • Meri Mat Thori Ram
  • Tu Mere Praan Adare
  • Sachi Preet Hum
  • Satgur Age Sees Bhait
  • Satgur Hoye Dyal
  • Jeo Jeo Tera Hukam Tive Tiv Hovna
  • Tau Mai Aya Sarni Aya