Bhai Pirana

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Bhai Pirana, Was a Virk Jatt resident of Chakk Ram Das village, In Gujranwala district of Punjab, was a worshipper of Sultan Sakhee Sarvar. As he once visited Amritsar, he had himself initiated a Sikh. According to Bhai Santokh Singh, Sri Gur Pratap Suraj Granth, the first duty he was assigned to by Guru Arjan was to tend fire and clean utensils in the Guru ka Larigar. He served with great dedication in the Larigar. With equal fervour and diligence, he laboured at the site of the sacred pool, then being excavated under the supervision of the Guru. Bhai Pirana was privileged to join Hargobind's wedding party in 1605. In 1606, he accompanied Guru Arjan on what turned out to be his last journey to Lahore. After Guru Arjan's martyrdom, Bhai Pirana continued to serve Guru Hargobind and commanded, under him, a squadron of 100 horsemen. He remained in attendance on the Guru during his internment in the Gwalior Fort. According to Gurbilds Chhevm Pdtshdhi, Bhai Pirana fell fighting in the battle of Amritsar. A shrine commemorating his martyrdom still exists in the holy city.


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