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Guru Amar Das

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Bhai Hindal (d. 1648), a prominent Sikh of the time of Guru Amar Das Ji and Guru Ram Das ji, was the son of Gaji, a resident of Jandiala, 19 km east of Amritsar. His mother's name was Sukkhi. The family converted from Islam, He was married to Uttami, daughter of Hamza, a Chahal Jatt. He received initiation at the hands of Guru Amar Das and continued to be in attendance upon his successor, Guru Ram Das. He spoke but little, and remained absorbed in devotion. As he once sat kneading flour in the Guru ka Langar, Guru Ram Das suddenly stepped in. Hindal rose instinctively to make his obeisance. Since the wet flour was adhering to his hands, he, as says Sri GurPraia? Suraj Granth, put them behind his back so that they did not smear the Guru's feet when he touched them, and threw himself at his feet. The Guru was pleased with his humble devotion. "Thy love is pleasing to my heart, Hindal," he said. "Thou hast my blessing. Completed is thy service. Return now to thy native town and spread the True Name." Hindal went back to Jandiala and began to preach as instructed by the Guru. He lived to a ripe old age and remained a true Sikh to the end. As a preacher he had made many disciples who were called Hindalias or Niranjanias, i.e. the unsullied ones. However, after his death the Hindalias became an heretic sect under his son, Bidhi Chand, who compiled a granth and a janam sakhi of his own. In both he sought to exalt Hindal and belittle Guru Nanak. In the eighteenth century, the Niranjanias helped the government in persecuting Sikhs. Haribhagat Niranjania of Jandiala was a notorious informer who caused the arrest and execution of countless Sikhs. Among them were Bhai Taru Singh and Matab Singh Mirankotia.


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