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Bata being used in an Amrit Sanskar ceremony
A "Bata" or bowl

Bata: This is the Punjabi word for a "bowl". During Amrit Sanchar, water is poured into a steel bowl called "sarb-loh da bata" - literally "bowl made of steel or iron". ('sarb-loh' is Punjabi for 'steel'). Also, when serving Kara prashad, an iron bowl is normally used to serve the prashad. This bowl is also called a "bata".

During an Amrit Sanchar ceremony, a Sarb Loh (Iron-steel) cauldron (Bata or bowl) is filled with clean water. Some Patashas (sugar crystals/plums) are poured into the water. The Five Beloveds then sit in Vir Asan (sit on ground with left knee down and the right knee up) around the cauldron.

The mixture is stirred with a Khanda while the Panj Pyares recite path of five Banis (Japji Sahib, Jaap Sahib, Sawayae, Chaupai Sahib and Anand Sahib) from Sri Guru Granth Sahib and Dasam Granth with attention and full concentration on the Amrit preparation in the cauldron. The solution thus prepared is called Amrit (nectar of immortality).

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