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See also Ani Rai, Guru Hargobind's son

Ani Rai, author of the Jangnama Guru Gobind Singh Ji, was one of the numerous poets and scholars who enjoyed the patronage of Guru Gobind Singh from 1666-1708. The Jangnama is an account in verse of a battle on the banks of the River Sutlej in which an attack from the imperial troops was countered and repulsed by Sikhs under the personal command of Guru Gobind Singh. No date is given of the event, but a reference in the text to the "Khalsa," which the Guru Sahib inaugurated in 1699, and the mention of other details indicate that it was an account of one of the last battles of Anandpur.

A manuscript of the work is preserved in the private collection of the Maharaja of Patiala. The poem has been included by the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee in the collection Prachin Varan teJangname, and by Bhasha Vibhag, Punjab, in Panch Nad. The poet has tried several prosodic measures in the 70 stanza poem. The language used is bhakha, or contemporary Hindi, except in the pauris which are in chaste Punjabi.


Ganjnama ♦♦ Bansavalinama Dasan Patshahian Ka ♦♦ Bavanja kavi ♦♦ Bhagat Ratanavali ♦♦ Bhera Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Ka ♦♦ Chalitar Joti Samavane ki ♦♦ Chaturbhuj Pothi ♦♦ Haqiqat Rah Muqam Raje Shivnabh Ki ♦♦ Hazarnamah ♦♦ Kabitt Savaiye ♦♦ Karni Namah ♦♦ Nasihat Namah ♦♦ Amarnama ♦♦ Ani Rai ♦♦ Araz Ul Alfaz ♦♦ Baba Mohan Valian Pothian ♦♦ Bala Janam Sakhi ♦♦ Panj Sau Sakhi ♦♦ Pothi ♦♦ Pothi Sachkhand ♦♦ Prem Abodh Pothi ♦♦ Prem Sumarag ♦♦ Sukhmam Sahansarnama