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Sikhnet Youth Online Film Festival

Youth Online Film Festival is an online competition about the best films connected with Sikhi. The event is organised by Sikhnet and this annual competition is now in its third year. The Annual SikhNet young film-maker's competition for Sikh Youth is designed to encourage and inspire Sikh youth to get involved in media and video and use their creativity to produce interesting and inspiring short films filled with the spirit of Sikhi. This year the organiser are continuing to have a Senior Division as well so that film makers older than 25 are able to participate as well.

Knowledge about Sikhi in the world is sparse and the aim of this event is to bring information about Sikhi to the world. This is what the organised have said about the competition: "Most people in the world don't know who Sikhs are and what we are all about, nor have they experienced our love of Seva and our Cherdi Kala spirit! This unique event is a great way to spread the living experience of Sikhi and Sikh identity to give people the experience of our spirit, values and culture. Our intention is that this educational and fun event will allow many people to get involved in the world of film and media and continue explore its benefits to the Sikh community."

Film Festival winners from previous years like Angad Singh and Jasmeet Singh have gone on to have their films shown on television as well as having them screened at other film festivals around the world. So the event has produced many benefits for both the entrants and Sikhi generally and is a comparatively easy route for anyone to become well known in the field of media. Anyone can be a winner in this event. Some Film Festival entries will be aired on TV in UK and India through Brit Asia TV!

Various handsome cash prizes are on offer for 11 to 25 year olds: $2,600 US Dollars in total Cash Prizes for Intermediate (18-25 years old) and Junior (11-17 years old) Divisions.

Senior Division (age 26 and over) winners are not eligible for cash prizes (the sponsors wish to give those to the younger generation) but all the winning films from the Senior Division will be publicized and screened on SikhNet, and so will give a boost to the film career of all entrants and spread the message of Sikhi.

For 2008, the competition ends on August 31, 2008. All videos MUST be submitted by this deadline.

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