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SikhiWiki WELCOMES AJITGILL Ji.........

Gur Satgur Ka jo SIKH akhaey......aap Jape Avry naam japave-SIKH..???
(One who calls himself a Sikh dedicates his life to Lord TRUTH ................. 
motivates his ownself & Motivates Others.)

Maan Yog AJITGILL Ji, WaKhaFa !

  • 1.... Daas ( Sikhs' social protocol for addressing his own self when he in in public domain. Used for English word 'I'. Literally means 'Slave of -->ONE ETERNAL LORD TRUTH (the creator)) is Amita Singh. It was heartening to meet on SikhiWiki for the first time. Look forward to sharing thoughts / ideas / effort / views comments & concerns, all dedicated to HUMANITY. Thanks to -->SikhiWiki:Administrators
  • 2.... Feel free to communicate through daas's user page Amita Singh or direct e mail on '[email protected]'. Let us all spread Gurus's Message of UNIVERSAL UNITY of ONE to the universe & beyond. Let us all talk about nothing but ONE(TRUTH)
  • 3....Further look forward to knowing more about you through your user Page ( click this link to reach your user page--> Ajit Gill.

Just to Make it Eeasy for You

  • 4... Please permit me to consider that HUMANITY resides on Internet & our new GUESTs may not be conversant with SIKH culture & SikhiWiki Protocols etc.
  • 5... For new guests to get along with SikhiWiki environment with ease, daas is enclosing below, in his own crude way, translation of some of the frequently used Punjabi words of Daily usage. These words in a way are part of Sikhs' culture, mannerism & social habits the word over .
  • 7...If, granting complex Internet environment, it does not help or does not make much sense, feel free to give me the feedback. We will consider some better options to make new comers feel comfortable & at home.

Saare Gaj Ke Boliey(nay ! Likhiye on SikhiWiki).

Nanak Ghar Ka Gola Amita Singh 01 feb 06, Delhi

Punjabi to English

(Ajit ji it may not be much for you, I can make out from your name that you appear to be socially part of of the Sikh Culture & mannerism. This not withstanding, the babble may prove to be a communication sort of link with those who know only english/non sikhs as the time goes by.)

Punjabi(English)-----Means-----Pronounced as-----in-----Grammar----Notes

  • 1. mwn (man)--- Honor--'tan'--Pakistan--Noun--
  • 2. Xog(yog)---Worthy of --'yog'--Yoga-- Adjective
  • 3. gj(gaj)---Spirited, Royal, and Martial Roaring, like that of a Lion( dedicated to victory to Lord TRUTH (Sikh Gurus preferred to refer to 'GOD' as 'Lord TRUTH')--'fudge' --Fudge-- Adjective--10th Guru Guru Gobind Singh ordained that no suffix other than 'Singh' (pronounced as 'sing' in 'Single'.) be tagged to the name of a Sikh.
  • 4. ky(ke)--- Using the 'gaj' spirit--ca'--Care--Article
  • 5. boiley(boliey)---Let us (irrespective of cast/creed/socio religious denomination/political leaniages) speak out (boldly & fearlessly)---'soul'+ea'+'ay'--- Soul+ear+play---Verb
  • 6. vwhyguru(waheguru)---(Wonderful GURU/GOD)--'wa'+hai+'goo'+'rue'--- Wall+Hail+Good+True---One absolute TRUTH & Reality--Lord TRUTH
As per Sikh thinking there is no difference between' Lord TRUTH' 
alias 'GOD' & 'GURU' ( True Path to 'Lord TRUTH'.) We refer to GOD 
as 'Lord TRUTH' (Nanak expects us to treat all other 
names,  except for 'TRUTH',  attributed to Lord TRUTH as artificial names),
One way of  understanding the theme is  to say that 'Lord TRUTH' 
alias GOD is a consolidation  of all universal truths  and 'GURU' (a 
TRUTH) being the consolidation  of a set of  TRUTHs  guiding a Sikh 
towards 'Lord TRUTH' for living  life  dedicated to the aim of 
merging with 'Lord TRUTH' 

Another way of looking at it could be GURU (a TRUTH) being 
parallelto the 'ruling' of a Magistrate in a  legal case.A 'ruling' 
deduced from the 'facts' (TRUTHs). 10th guru refers to 'Lord TRUTH' 
alias 'GOD' being 'One' & 'Many' at  the same time.

  • 7. kw(kaa)---of---'la'---Blast---Article
  • 8. Kls+w(khalsa)---Pure + (human) being---'la'+'l' +'la'---Blast+Steal+Blast---Pronoun
  • 9. kI(kee)---of---'key'---Key---Article---
  • 10. fqyh(fateh)---Victory---'stay'---Stay---Noun---
  • 11. swry(saare)---All---'la+ry---blast+pray---Pronoun---
  • 12. nwnk(Nanak)---Nanak (first Sikh Guru)---'la'+'n'+'k'---

Blast+Run+Luck---Personal Noun

  • 13. iliKe(likhiye)---Let us write---'li'+'kh'+'i'+'y'---Lid+Khalsa+Lid+Play---Verb---
  • 14. Gr(ghar)---House(Lord TRUTH's Abode)---sir---Sir---Noun
  • 15. golw(gola)---Slave (of TRUE IDEAs to Lord TRUTH)---goal+'la'---Goal+Blast---Pronoun
  • 16. jI(ji)Sir---'key'---Key---Pronoun---
  • 17. Kwls(Khals)---Pure---sure---Sure---Adjective---


(Ajit Ji this is just Some thought to offer in our first meeting)



siqguru syvin Awpxw qy ivrly sMswir ]
Those who serve their own TRUE IDEA in this world are very rare.

haumY mmqw mwir kY hir rwiKAw aur Dwir ]
Those who keep TRUTH enshrined in their hearts subdue egotism and possessiveness.

hau iqn kY bilhwrxY ijnw nwmy lgw ipAwru ]

I am a

sacrifice to those who are in love with TRUTH.

syeI suKIey chu jugI ijnw nwmu AKutu Apwru ]3]</td>

Those who attain the Inexhaustible TRUTHs from Infinite Lord remain happy throughout the four ages. ||3||</td>