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Gurdwara Thara sahib,Bageshwar, Uttrakhand

The Gurdwara Thara sahib is located at the bank of Gomti River in Bageshwar, Uttrakhand. This Gurdwara has historical importance as it is linked to a visit here by Guru Nanak Dev Ji (the founder of the religion of Sikhism and the first of the ten Sikh Gurus) in 1500s.

My Mother and I visited the gurudwara this summer (2011) via Haldwani. We were warmly welcomed by a sewadar who offered us langar and provided rooms at gurudwara sahib for our stay. Some portion of the Gurdwara were under construction and this work is supported by Kar-Sewa of Harbans Singh Ji. Since there is not much Sikh population in nearby area, this historical gurudwara is not much known by the people outside of Bageshwar. It is suggested that you to visit this gurdwara sahib and support its development through any possible means.

  • There is a need to further develop this important shrine and any donations will be most welcome. For more information about Gurudwara sahib, Please contact
    • Baba Shyam Singh ji (+91 945 639 4242) (Reetha Sahib Wale) who is the mukhi (chief) sewadar at the Gurdwara.


Gurdwara Thara sahib,Bageshwar, Uttrakhand

As far as the history goes, this place Bageshwar was ruled by a Hindu Chandra-vanshi king. The king was unhappy as he didn't have any son. He was worried about who will carry forward his legacy after his death. The king was advised by brahmins and pundits to pay offering of a human head of a person (called a 'Bali' or sacrifice) to God to receive His blessings. This practice had made the life of his people really miserable. Everyday, the king would send his army men to the city to get one person for 'Bali'.

One day Guru Nanak Dev ji visited this place along with his companions 'Bhai Bala' and 'Bhai Mardana'. Guru ji asked Mardana to play 'rabab' (a musical instrument used by saints) and said "Bani aayi hai" (meaning "divine words have come"). Guru ji started singing Gurbani.

The divine words of Gurbani were like "soul aid" to the people of Bageshwar who were living under the constant cruelty and madness of their king. While guru ji was singing the gurbani, the army men of the king came to capture a person for 'Bali'; people got horrified and started hiding. The Army men took Guru Ji along with Bala and Mardana to the king.

Guru's enlightens the sangat

Gurdwara Thara sahib,Bageshwar, Uttrakhand

As per the Punjabi saying, "when a "Guru" wants to enlighten someone, he can do this through his first glance". The instant the Guru looked at the King, the King sensed the magic and calmness of the Guru's aura. Guru ji told him, "All creatures in this universe are created by one God and are sons and daughters of God. Why are you killing living people to offer to dead statues. This will not make God happy; in fact what you are doing was a grave sin".

The King fell down on guru Ji's feet and asked for forgiveness for his act. He asked guru ji for his blessings to have a son. Guru ji told him to lit a candle every evening and pray to god for 45 days. Guru Ji's words worked like a boon to the king and soon he was blessed with a son.

Subsequently, the King donated 20,000 acre land to Guru Ji. The historical gurudwara Thada sahib is situated at this place.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji's Prakash Utsav (2011)

Kirtan on Guru Gobind Singh JI's Prakash Utsav,Bageshwar, Uttrakhand

With the blessings of Akal purakh, Sadh Sangat from Delhi has celebrated the gurupurab of Dashmesh pita dhan dhan Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. The day started with bhog of Sri Guru Granth Sahib followed by aarti and kirtan by jatha Bhai Parneet Singh Ji. Guru Ka Langar and Kadah prasad was served to sadhsangat.

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