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"....official/traditional position is...." be rewritten as

"....traditional position is......"

The term 'official' is considered out of place here & can be done away with.User:Mutia 27 Nov 06

Akhan jor Chupyy nahin joor....

Nanak Speaks the unspoken (TRUTH)....SatGurBani

  • only meaning of the term 'official' here was, is & will ever remain is this 'office'.
  • All web sites (read Sybre Gurdwaras) stand ordained by this office to become one say Khalsa1, Khalsa2,Khalsa3....& so on Jaisi vee avyy khasam ke bani tyysda karo veechaar O Sikhooooooo!!!!....
  • All those FALSE IDOLs of GOD who differ from the above stance and have 'ManMukhi arguments' & not 'Gur Shabad Veechaar' to offer stand orained to be accountable to this office
  • Jo Sikh. Gajj ky Sach Boly so nihaal !!

--Mutia 10:35, 12 May 2007 (EDT) Khalsa jii,

  • Jo Sikh. Boly (Gajj ky na shee, Sach na shee) so Nihal
  • Gavy koi tan (Strength of Truthfullness) jy hov" kis" tan .....(Do you have it in you...Knock!! Knock!!! any one there?????????????....
  • Koi an milav' (With naam (TRUE Words)) myra SatGur piara .....
  • Rajn (O Guru ky Sikh!! ) kiun soia...ja tu soia jan iana....rajn kiu soia....
  • Sajjan s'ee nall m" chala ta naal chalan.....

Gur Fat'h --ONE 10:19, 26 January 2008 (MST)

They are not your words fool stop acting as if you wrote them. Anyhow, I have become fed up during the course of my life.Having to come across fools that try to say that the Panth has different veiws or is divided. The Panth has only one veiw! It is the Akj sect that differs. "A few self proclaimed Sikh scholars differ in their opinion about the inclusion of Raagmala in the Granth.It must be noted that the only body which disputes the ragmala are the Babu Teja singh and Randhir singh Akhand Kirtani Jatha (AKJ) sect The traditional position among all Sikhs and the official position of all Sikh Gurdwara management committees worldwide and the SGPC in Punjab is that Ragamala is a part of the Guru Granth Sahib and it must be included in all printed copies of this sacred scripture. That is the stand that is taken here as well. Please do not add any disputed points here - Use the Discussion Page to voice your views if they differ from the above". "Wonderous is Victory" --Raidcmdr 18:56, 26 August 2008 (UTC)