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ੴ: Panthic Ishnaan

O Upright & Receptive Sarbat Khalsa Ji Ftyh Parvvan karni!

  • jyysii myy aavyy khasam kii bani..........

Says Nanak to Nanak: O dear(lonly....ikk na chaly naal.... Nanak) You are the One & Only One Mad (......myry baba myy baura....) Creator of Endless Creations(Written work Gurbani) This is what your True name is ! Hand over all your written work & this Title & Logo (ੴ )of Sikh,Sikhi & Panth to your best Sikh next to Mardana (who had died). Time thereafter is History.

Pujarii Sikhs true to their committment to Sikhi demonstrate worship of Satgurbani exactly like Hindus do (First Hukam of Jpu i.e. 'Demonstrate Obediance' not withstanding) . Gurdwara Floor is washed with milk (says kbeer > I am starving and you O Satgur yuo have souls breaking drum loads of milk. Here I throw your mala down the drain. Just can not put up with you any more').

One & Only One Sin in Sikhi is 'second thaught'. Thre is a carbon Copy of Satgurbani Titled 'Dasam Guru Granth Sahib' already ready to bless the panth with updated wisdom . Nanak says your Stinaam is name is 'jpu'. Sikhs say "Satinaam (is) wahiguru" . O my dear Sikhs 'Wahyguru is one of the Cultural(artificial) Name of SatGurBani.

ੴ logo not withstanding, Sikhs never cared to write. Those who care & can, write not what Gurbani wants them to write but what gives them cheap popularity. They write Katha Kath na Kathi na Aavy 3oot.... There are countless story tellers,beggers, hauger...............................eyh bhi daat tyrii dataar Sikhi starts from Death(ੴ). Sikhs Starts from Pomp & Show. World is heading for disaster & Pujari Sikhs all over celebrate Nanak's Birthday as Second diwali......Mother is very happy on her sons birthday ignorent lady does not know that his son's life was getting depleated.

Nanak says I do not need Air / water /father / Mother/ Relatives / as long as ikk and Gurbani(ੴ) are with me. Sikhs say "our Mother tongue is Punjabi". Nanak could not care less ....Nanak vigsyy by parvah. kood raja kood praja kood sab sansaar...............eyh bhi dat tyrii datar

Nanak is not surprised that 84 happened He for sure knows more are already happening will keep happening. Sikhs are putting up grand battle show all over the world & earning big Name & Fame .Sikh ny naam kmana hyy. Sikh Processions in cities leave streets mucked up with garrbage.

History repeats so will Babar.

"which basically means - There is only One God".

  • Ikk means> NirAngkar (God with no attributes)
  • O Angkaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar' means> O Dear Angad(read Sikh) tu myra Ang ban gaiaa hyy. Tujhy myyny(read Satgurbani ny) Angikaar (accept) kar liiaa hyy. Aaj ky baad tyra title 'ੴ' hoga. Write relentlessly(long drawn pen stroke.In orignal hand written scripts the stroke at plces covers allmost the entire page)

In plain Simple Todays Languge...

O dear Relentless Writer of Gurbani(i.e.Sikh)! Your True name is Creative (writer) Khalsa Singh Nirvair [(Any) Gurbani(Word)]

A Typical True Sikh Name Today should be Creative Khalsa Singh Nirvair Hari.....

  • myra mujh my kuchh nhee jo kuchh hyy so tyra(Gurbani's).A Sikh owns not even his Name. Tyry naam ka Akhar lag kanna tuk pangti change karna is Falsehood

Gur Khalsa Ftyh!

--Amar Kaur 19:31, 23 November 2009 (UTC)