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Maru is the specific Chinese/Japanese Kanji used to label commercial boats in Japan. the word means to return or complete a circle / as a Kanda worn on my and every Sikh's wrist is a symbol of their connection with the Kartar. Asoka's symbol on the flag of India, the Budhist prayer wheel and the circle on the hood of every Nisan vehicle (in the logo) where the Ni in Nisan refers to the sun which seems to circle us each day. As we cross the river or ocean of life we return each compleating our own circle. I have yet to meet an NRI who doesn't speak of returning to India or their home soil oneday, even if only for a visit.

All over the world men have for many years placed circular coins under any ship's mast before the mast is added. Ancient shipwrecks often reveal the date of the ship from the coins often sealed in tarred guni sack material. You should recognize the word guni (string) from the rough burlap gunnie sacks of my youth. from which all animal feed was once dispensed.

The coins under the mast may have started as a sort of talisman guaranteeing one's return, a return the passengers of the Kamagata Maru certainly never expected to come so soon.Allenwalla 23:11, 9 December 2007 (MST)