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No wonder some hindus relate Rama and Khrishna to Guru Gobind Singh, with some Sikh? writing a story on his days in Nathan, calling him an Avatar. Some write that the Gurus were of the same light-jot-calling them Avatars, or Guru Avatars. Yet each was alive while his Guru was alive at least one was much older than the Guru who he replaced. All were of the same light the same light that every one else is of--God's light and all are avatars.

Some among us prefer to see them, their Guru-- whether Sikh, Christian, Jew, etc.-- prefering that someone is of a different 'caste'--more capable--with majic powers they choose not to use, men closer to God, sent here by God, who can guide them instead of listening to God's light which is in their hearts. Even arguing that their God is the true God. We don't have to create or believe in castism as some of us seem to be living it, all too willing to have someone else to bow to -- an image, a name, money, ect. We speak of Heaven in the Sky rather than working to change the living hell that earth is for many of us.

The reason for Langar, seems often forgotten. allenwalla