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pregnant bitch -- the who sounds as if a human is being addressed

Then a weaver named Dawood, brought a galicha (carpet or Dari) for Guru Nanak. He asked the Guru to put the galicha down and sit down on it. Guru Nanak said:

The earth is the galecha, which is spread by the lord. This galeecha neither grows old nor becomes dirty.

Then weaver was accompanied by ahis pregnant dog which was shivering with cold. Guru ji said: "Put this galeecha on this bitch and give her food." Guru ji asked about his wish. Dawood told Guru Nanak that he was childless and wanted a child. Guru ji gave him blessings that his wish will be fulfilled.


Is Bitch the female version of dog? Pregnant dog means male dog is pregnent. which is not possible. lucky Explain....(paapi 17:52, 11 June 2008 (UTC))