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I would also like to add that the word Jatt/Zatt can also mean race as well. So we as Sikhs should be aware of racism. It can be used in the context of gender too, e.g. "Maardh Jaat" = Male Race (literally), sowe shouled be aware of sexism too.

My understanding of Sikhism is that it is based on two fundamental principles, spirituality and equality. It is the latter in which I am confused. All the Gurus have preached and stated that there is no caste systems and that we as human beings are all equal. They have demonstrated there disproval by different methods. But I feel that where caste even in today’s society stronger as ever (Jat have to marry Jat etc Rajputs marry Rajputs) and the fact that marriage between different caste/social groups/communities do not happen or happens with difficult with family disproval, clearly shows that there is still a social divisions in Sikhism. this brings me to my question, and with all respects, why is that all the gurus that were married, married in their own communities/social groups/castes, if they really wanted to make a stand in Sikhism and show their support for equality in a practical sense and abolish caste systems why did the gurus not marry in a different community then marrying in their? I am very confused on this and hope somebody with more knowledge might be able to help me.



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