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Main Theme Of Bhagat Pipa

  • No Idol Worship, God resides in ourselves.
  • Through God's Contact No Transmigration is there
  • No need of bahari paath pooja etc.
  • To get to God you Need a Guru as an intermediary

A question for wich i am asking your thoughts, if God resides in ourselves, this i believe and all around, then why does one need another to get you to God, if you are part of God?

a second question, what is telling beads, i thought people used mallah's especialy in Budhist, Catholic, Moslem and Hindu religions only to count prayers, in america they are also sometimes called worry beads. I was reading where someone was compaining of the picture of H.S. Nalwa "counting beads" as if this is proclaiming - look, look see how religious i am. why does any one worry over how someone else practises his/her religion. I saw on picture of a young american Sikh who was very proud of his sets of clothes as he said the Gurus had given us, Sikhs, to wear. he now wore the many sets of punjabi clothes to his job in the Atomic Labs at Las Alamos daily in the picture on some Sikh site he was prominantly wearing a malla.Do people who complain of malas complain of wearing a kara on each wrist- is this showing look i am a better sikh than you? Just asking for your thoughts.Allenwalla 14:39, 24 January 2008 (MST)