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What is the purpose of the ardaas?

According to the best of my knowledge, in Sikhism we are taught ten main reasons for doing Ardaas ! These are listed below with quotations from the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

1) The first reason we do Ardas is to acknowledge that we came from God and to offer ourselves to God, as a means of full surrender.

a) GuruJi says on page 516 of the SGGSji :

• Tes Aageh Ardase Jene Oupaeeaa | • I offer my prayer to the One, from whom I was created.

b) On page 517, Guruji acknowledges :

• Prbh Pase Jn Ki Ardase Too Scha Sanei | • God, Your humble servant offers his prayer to You; You are my True Master.

c) Guru Ji says on page 25 of the SGGSji :

• Nank Eeyk Kheh Ardase | Jio Peand Sbh Teyreh Pase |3| • Nanak offers this one prayer: this body and soul are totally Yours. ||3||

d) Then on page 86, Guruji continues,

• Jio Peand Sbh Tes Ka Sephte Krey Ardase | • Body, soul and all things belong to Waheguru Ji-praise Him, and offer your prayers to Him.

e) MyGuruji stresses on page 204 :

• Kre Kerpa Gobeand Prbh Pritm Dina Nath Sunho Ardase | Kr Ghe Leyho Nank Key Suaami Jio Peand Sbh Tumri Rase |2|3|120| • Bestow Your Mercy, O Waheguru Ji of the Universe, O God, My Beloved, Master of the meek - please, listen to my prayer. Take my hand, O Waheguru Ji and Master of Nanak; my body and soul all belong to You. ||2||3||120||

f) In fact, at the start of the formal Ardas in Sikh Gurdwara Sahibs, the whole congregation stands strong and sings the foloowing from page 268 of the SGGSji :

• Too Thakur Tum Phe Ardase | Jio Peand Sbh Teyri Rase | Tum Mat Peta Hm Barek Teyrey | Tumri Kerpa Mhe Sookh Ghneyrey | Koee N Janeh Tumra Aant | Ooochey Tey Ooocha Bhgvant | Sgl Smgri Tumreh Sooter Dhari | Tum Tey Hoee S Aageaakari | Tumri Gte Mete Tum Hi Jani | Nank Das Sda Kurbani |8|4| • You are our Waheguru Ji and Master; to You, I offer this prayer. This body and soul are all Your property. You are our mother and father; we are Your children. In Your Grace, there are so many joys! No one knows Your limits. O Highest of the High, Most Generous God, the whole creation is strung on Your thread. That which has come from You is under Your Command. You alone know Your state and extent. Nanak, Your slave, is forever a sacrifice. ||8||4||

g) At other times, the congregation joins is with these words on page 383 of the SGGSji :

• Tudh Aageh Ardase Hmari Jio Peand Sbh Teyra | Kho Nank Sbh Teyri Vdeaaei Koei Nao N Janeh Meyra |4|10|49| • I offer my prayer to You; my body and soul are all Yours. Says Nanak, this is all Your greatness; no one even knows my name. ||4||10||49||

2) The Second reason is to pray for the welfare of all.

a) GuruJi says on page 40 of the SGGSji :

• Bekh Bhoujl Dubdey Kde Leh Jn Nank Ki Ardase |4|1|65| • In the terrifying world-ocean of poison, people are drowning-please lift them up and save them! This is servant Nanak's humble prayer. ||4||1||65||

3) The third reason we do Ardas is for the company of the positive, saintly, holy people and to be of service to them.

a) Guru Ji says on page 42 of the SGGSji :

• Jeni Gurmukhe Nam Slaheaa Tena Sbh Ko Kheh Sabase | Ten Ki Sangte Deyhe Prbh Meh Jachek Ki Ardase | • Those Gurmukhs who praise the Naam are applauded by everyone. Grant me their company, God-I am a beggar; this is my prayer.

b) Guruji begs on page 392 of SGGSji :

• Kr Joare Nank Krey Ardase | Mohe Santh Thl Dijeh Guntase |4|37|88| • With his palms pressed together, Nanak offers his prayer: O Waheguru Ji, Treasure of Excellence, please bless me with the service of the Saints. ||4||37||88||

c) On page 415 Guruji continues :

• Hre Jio Aageh Kri Ardase | Sadhoo Jn Sangte Hoee Nevas | • I offer my prayer to Waheguru Ji, that I might dwell in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy.

4) The fourth reason we do Ardas is to ask for our worldly wishes, issues to be resolved and goals and aspirations to be fulfilled.

a) Guru Ji advises us on page 44 of the SGGSji :

• Sukhdata Bheh Bhanjno Tes Aageh Kre Ardase | Mehr Krey Jes Mehrvan Tan Karj Aaveh Rase |3| • Offer your prayers to Him, the Giver of Peace, the Destroyer of fear. Showing His Mercy, the Merciful Master shall resolve your affairs. ||3||

b) On page 182 he reinforces :

• Kho Beynæti Apuney Stegur Pahe | Kaj Tumarey Deyee Nebahe |1| Rhao | • Offer your prayers to your True Guru; He will resolve your affairs. ||1||Pause||

c) Guruji guarantees on page 549 :

• Jes No Too Deyhe Tes Sbh Kechh Meleh Koei Hor Srik Nahi Tudh Pase | Too Eeko Data Sbhs Da Hre Phe Ardase | • One unto whom You give, obtains everything; there is no one else to rival You. You alone are the Great Giver of all; I offer my prayer unto You, Waheguru Ji.

5) The fifth reason we do Ardas is to pray to be saved and bless by God in all situations and most importantly to be released from the cycle of births and deaths and to merge with God.

a) Guru Ji advises us thus on page 55 of the SGGSji :

• Stegur Ageh Ardase Kre Sajn Deyee Melaee | • Offer your most sincere prayers to the True Guru, so that He may unite you with your Best Friend.

b) On page 86, Guruji continues :

• Sbh Ko Teyra Tooan Sbhs Da Tooan Sbhna Rase | Sbhe Tudheh Pasho Mangdey Net Kre Ardase | • All are Yours, and You belong to all. You are the wealth of all. Everyone begs from You, and all offer prayers to You each day.

c) On page 410, GuruJi pleads :

• Ptet Oudhare Leyho Han | Nank Ardase Eeyho Meyrey Mna |3|6|162| • Please, Waheguru Ji, save the sinners. This is Nanak's prayer, O my mind. ||3||6||162||

d) Guruji continues on page 547 :

• Ardase Nank Sune Suaami Rkhe Leyho Ghr Key Cheyrey |1| • Waheguru Ji and Master, hear Nanak's prayer; please save the servants of Your household. ||1||

e) Guruji prays on page 571 :

• Ardase KrˆØi Gur Poorey Aageh Rkhe Leyvho Deyho Vdaei Ram | • I offer my prayer to the Perfect Guru: please save me, and bless me with Your glorious greatness.

6) The sixth reason we do the Ardas is to ask for the blessed vision of God.

a) Guruji says on page 134 of the SGGSji :

• Kre Kerpa Prbh Aapni Teyrey Drsn Hoee Peaas | Prbh Tudh Ben Dooja Ko Nhi Nank Ki Ardase | • Show Your Mercy to me, O God; I am thirsty for the Blessed Vision of Your Darshan. Without You, God, there is no other at all. This is Nanak's humble prayer.

7) The seventh reason we do Ardas is to ask to be freed from the temptations of this world, also know as Maya.

a) Guru ji explains on page 179 of the SGGSji :

• Jes Ka Raj Teseh Ka Supna | Jene Maeeaa Dini Tene Laei Tersna | Aape Benahey Aape Krey Rase | Nank Prbh Aageh Ardase |4|11|80| • The dream is His, and the kingdom is His; He who has given the wealth of Maya, has infused the desire for it. He Himself annihilates, and He Himself restores. Nanak offers this prayer to God. ||4||11||80||

8) The eight reason we do Ardas is to ask to be blessed with the Name of God and to learn to repeat it at all times.

a) Guruji prays on page 192 of the SGGSji :

• Kro Ardase Apney Stegur Pase | Nank Nam Meleh Sch Rase |4|64|133| • I offer this prayer to the True Guru: O Nanak, may I be blessed with the treasure of the True Name. ||4||64||133||

b) Guruji rejoices on page 183 of the SGGSji :

• Kho Nank Meyri Suni Ardase | Sant Prsade Mo Ko Nam Nevas |4|21|90| • Says Nanak, Waheguru Ji has heard my prayer; by the Grace of the Saints, I dwell in the Naam, the Name of Waheguru Ji. ||4||21||90||

c) Guruji reinforces this on page 389 of SGGSji :

• Anden Jpo Nam Guntase | Nank Ki Prbh Phe Ardase |4|23|74| • Night and day, I chant the Naam, the Name of Waheguru Ji, the treasure of excellence. This is Nanak's prayer to God. ||4||23||74||

d) GuruJi says again on page 389 of the SGGGSji :

• Nank Ki Ardase Sunijeh | Keyvl Nam Redey Mhe Dijeh |4|26|77| • Hear this prayer of Nanak: please, infuse Your Name into his heart. ||4||26||77||

e) Time and again GuruJi asks for the same as on page 395 of the SGGSji :

• Ardase Kri Poorey Gur Pase | Nank Mangeh Hre Dhn Rase |4|5|99| • I offer this prayer to the Perfect Guru. Nanak begs for the treasure of Waheguru Ji's Name. ||4||5||99||

f) On page 421, Guruji asserts :

• Nank Ki Ardase Heh Sche Name Suheyla | • This is Nanak's prayer, that he may be adorned with the True Name.

g) On page 562, Guruji reiterates :

• Seyvk Ki Ardase Peaarey | Jpe Jiva Prbh Chrn Tumarey |1| Rhao | • Your servant offers this prayer, O Beloved: I live by meditating on your Name and focusing on your Feet, God. ||1||Pause||

9) The ninth reason we do Ardas is to thank God for all he has blessed us with.

a) On page 474 of the SGGSji, Guruji advises :

• Jes Da Deta Khavna Tes Khiaeh Sabase | Nank Hukm N Chlei Nale Khsm Chleh Ardase |22| • Nanak, no one can issue commands to Let us all celebrate Him, from whom we receive our nourishment. Waheguru Ji Master; let us offer prayers instead. ||22||

10) The tenth reason we do Ardas is to be ultimately happy in this world and have peace of mind and full satisfaction.

a) Guruji advises on page 519 of the SGGSji :

• Jia Ki Bertha Hoee S Gur Phe Ardase Kre | … Khen Mhe Krey Nehal Oooney Subhr Bhre | • When your soul is feeling sad, offer your prayers to Guru Ji. In an instant, he shall make you happy, and the empty vessel shall be filled to overflowing.

b) Guruji explains on page 557 :

• Mn Tey Dhokha Ta Lheh Ja Sephte Kri Ardase |4|1| • My mind is cleansed of doubt, only when I praise You, and pray to You. ||4||1||

c) Guruji prays on page 566 :

• Sookh Mn Mhe Aaee Vseaa Jame Teh Phurmaeeaa | Ndre Tudh Ardase Meyri Jeanne Aap Oupaeeaa | • Peace came to dwell in my mind, when You gave the Order. It is Yours to bestow Your Grace, and it is mine to speak this prayer; You created Yourself.

d) On page 619 guruji affirms :

• Hre Jio Too Sukh Sanpte Rase | Rakhe Lehh Bhaei Meyrey Ko Prbh Aageh Ardase | Rhao | • Dear Waheguru Ji, You are my peace, wealth and capital. Please, save me, O my Beloved! I offer this prayer to my God. ||Pause||

e) Guruji blesses on page 714 :

• Tiney Tap Nevarnhara Dukh Hanta Sukh Rase | Ta Ko Beghn N Koooo Lageh Ja Ki Prbh Aageh Ardase |1| • Waheguru Ji is the One who removes the three fevers; He is the Destroyer of pain, the warehouse of peace. No obstacles block the path of one who prays before God. ||1||

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