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My earlier comments were about the casteism warning which says (don't edit - do comment)

Largely taken from wikipedia i removed the occasional numbers to the references that were not included.

One writer stated that some Arains had become Hindus and Sikhs, another retorted much later that Arains were 100% Muslims (such a claim should be on a talk page, as their are many Muslims who became Sikhs). I have to wonder is this the personal knowledge of the writer or a verified fact. How could anyone ever know this? The only reason I can see for this article being here is some connection to Sikhi. The title which I was reading was one given to the Arains as an Honor has now dissappeared. Mian if it was used by only Arain families would tie the article in with any link to Mian Mir. Anyone who knows of any research on this?Allenwalla 04:30, 25 September 2008 (UTC)

Arain uses the tittle of Mian because this tittle was given to Arains from Mughals in 1600s. For more information see Arain Mian Family website

The Mian Mirs are Kashmiris they do not have any connection with Arains.

Ar-Rrai is an arbic word which means shepherds, Arains have Arab Origin and their is no history where they converted to Muslims from Hindus or Sikhs. They were the compainions of Muhammad Bin Qasim in 711 AD. For more details see. and read the book THE ROOTS

Nasim Hijazi is an Arain Islamic Historian. His real name is Sharif Hussain. He attopted this tittle because Arains belong to Hijaz and he wrote an Urdu book about Arains Kafla -e- Hijaz. Fore more infreomatiopn see where the Arains who uses Mian are specially separated from Kashmiris Mians. As Mian are predominantly from the ruling members and leaders of the Arain tribe. Other titles used by Arain tribe include Chaudhry, Sardar, Malik and Mehr. Arain from Lahore include the famous Mian Arain of Koochan Teergaraan,Akbari Gate, Lahore,Hushyarpur, Bhaati Gate, Mozang Chungi, Ichra, Sanda, Mughalpura, Baghbanpura, Singhpura, Dharampura, JalandharAmritsar and Qila Gujjar Singh at Lahore. The original Arians are said to be from Hijjaz (Today's Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Palestine). When a boat of Muslims was taken over by the Hindus, Muhammad bin Qasim sent a messenger who did not come back. So Muhammad bin Qasim sent an army to India. With him came warriors of Areha tribe. Due to this, India was inrule from the Muslims for hundreds of years. The Mians are from same Areha (later became known as Arain) settled in India and mixed with the locals.[2]

Mian Sahib of Nankana Sahib

Any search for Mian Sahib of Nankana Sahib is thwarted by the fame of Mian Mir - I can find no reference to this gentleman save this article. Does someone have a reference. An Arain on a website, his qwn page gave the quote about Arain Sikhs.

Allenwalla 04:34, 22 August 2010 (EDT)