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Gurbani is a Language

Only those graced by gurbani can understand God's language....

  • Likh na kaly lykh
  • Laga duujy Bhai
  • Satgurbani Bajho hor kacchi hyy banee...kyyhndy kachyy sundy kachyy kacche aakh wkhani
  • Hukm Rzaee challxa.......Hukam na khiaa jaee...

Gurbani can not be translated\anlysed\discussed to understand it only way to understand is to Obey .

  • rah paia janiyy ya wah paiaa janiyy.... --Rural Proverb drawing its strength from Satgurbani

worth of a person gets known only by associating with him or seeing him walk straight

  • ...Kach pkaaee othyy pay Nanak gaiaa jaapyy jaayy...

This is how a person is gets judged as True/False. Any Sikh. look alike is a True Sikh only if He is seen walking on Sikhi. like a True Sikh.

  • Jy mnniaa ta mnniyy bujhiyy Gur prsadi

Acknowledge a person as True if he claims so, Hoever believe him only through the grace of Gurbani.

Gur Khalsa Ftyh !

--Amar Kaur 17:40, 1 October 2009 (UTC)