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Kalsa m'ro rUp h" Kas Kals' m' hau kro nivas


  • Creative, Self Made, Fearless Friend of even Foes & 'Idol of TRUTH' ( Mr/Mrs/Miss TRUTH ).
  • Never ever Changes his Profile & is Self made through the grace of Satgurbani

Root of Khalsa

  • Has been TRUTHFULL so far.
  • Is TRUTHFULL Here & Now at this Moment.
  • Khalsa Nanak's Khalsa, ie Satgurbani personified as Khalsa. will always stay TRUTHFULL. under & against all odds.

Path & Panth of Khalsa

Khalsa Will Commit & be accountable to the Commitment of dying as a TRUTHFULL Human Being.


  • Step 1: Khalsa is committed to walk the Way of Thy Will.
  • Step 2: Khalsa is commited to kill Ego & Understand Thy Will.
  • Step 3: Khalsa is committed to Challange others to Commmit & walk the way of Thy Will. If no one comes forward, Khalsa will walk alone.

Action on Committment


Have Faith & Patience

  • Step 8: