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Sumedh Singh Saini, is the Director General of Police (DGP-Vigilance) in Punjab, India.[1]. He along with former Punjab Police DGP KPS Gill is credited with ruthlessly suppressing the Khalistan movement in Indian Punjab. His name evokes mixed reactions in India. Some Indians believe him an Indian hero, but Sikhs regard him as a ruthless and controversial police officer. [2] Currently he is facing several criminal charges of kidnappings, torture and murders of several people. Indian Election commission has recieved complaints that he threatened congress candidates & MLA's with false police cases.

Gallantry award

Saini won Punjab Police 's highest gallantry award in 1987 when he was Suprintendent of Police (SP), while leading police operations against Khalistani insurgents. [3].

Assasination attempt

In 1991 an unsuccessful assasination attempt was made on Sumedh Singh Saini by Khalistani militants[4] He was later also accused of ruthless reprisals against the children, women, parents and grand parents of alleged perpetrators of this attack.[2]

Kidnappings, Torture and murders

Saini is accused of human rights violations.[2] He is facing a CBI probe in relation to illegal arrest of some of the accomplices, relatives and father of Khalistan Liberation Force militant Davinder Pal Singh Bhullar. Based on Bhullar's own militant activity related confession, which he allege that it was forcibally taken by the police during his police custody, he is currently on a death row in India[5]. Case investigation of elimination of Davinder Pal Singh Bhullar's father and accomplices was originally being handled by the local police, but after feeling dis-satisfied from the The investigation of Punjab and Chandigarh police and after observing that Saini can influence the case, court had handed over this investigation to the Central Bureau of Investigation.[6]

Preliminary inquiry conducted by the Prestigious Central Bureau of Investigation held Saini responsibile for the kidnappings, torture and elimination of two Sikhs Balwant Singh Multani and Balwant Singh Bhullar. Both of these two Sikhs were kept in illegal custody and 'were tortured on the orders of and in the presence of Saini. Balwant Singh Bhullar was tortured to such an extent that he lost his mental balance.[7]. Balwant Singh Bhullar was father of Davinder Pal Singh Bhullar.[8] The CBI has registered a case of kidnapping and conspiracy with the intent to murder against Saini and three of his police reports.[9]

Also, a court has recently granted an exemtion of personal appearance to Sikh Militant Davinder Pal Singh Bhullar in a case related to the attack on Sumedh Singh Saini because the counsel feared that Sikh militant might be murdered by the police while being brought from Delhi to Chandigarh.[10]

Saini has also been charged in the kidnapping, illegal detention and disappearance of two hindu businessmen and their driver. Saini had a personal dispute with the victims. Victims were picked up by the police and were shown disappeared afterwards.[11][12][13]

Immediately after the 1991 Sikh militants attack on Saini, Sikh militant leader Balwinder Singh Jatana's 95 year old grandmother, maternal aunt, her tenaged daughter and his polio ridden cousin were murdered and set on fire by the suspected agents of Saini.[14]. Senior Superientendent of Police Ropar Mr Mustafa complained to Director General of Punjab Police that Saini himself set his farm house on fire and blamed it on Khalistan militants, murdered one Parminder Singh of Mohali in his custody and later threw his body in district Ropar and he ordered the elimination of Balwinder Singh's family.[15]

Public protests against Saini

On January 9, 2010, a massive candle light march held in Mohali, Punjab which was attended by large number of women and children. The protestors demanded to take back bravery awards given to Sumedh Singh Saini, describe him a murderers and suspend him immediately. Participants also criticized the ruling Shiromani Akali Dal government to shield Saini.[16]

Punjab Congress has filed complaints against him to the Indian Election commission that he is threatening the Congress candidates & MLAs with registration of false cases.[17] and the commission has been requested to transfer Saini out of Punjab[18]