Sri Nanak Prakash

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‘Sri Gur Partap Suraj Granth’ authored by ‘Kavi Churamani’ Bhai Santokh Singh ji, Doyen of Nirmala Sect, popularly known as ‘Suraj Parkash’ is a voluminous classical medieval source of Sikh History and Philosophy. Its ‘Katha’ (Religious Discourse) in almost all prominent Gurdwaras is the gauge of its authenticity and popularity among the Sikh masses. It is for the first time that it is being brought within the reach of the scholars and students engaged in the study of Sikh History and philosophy through IT technology. In verse, Bhai Sahib’s great classic writing In verse, Bhai Sahib’s great classic writing ‘Sri Nanak Parkash’ is the first part of Sri Guru Partap Suraj Granth in which detailed history of Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji is highlighted.