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This is a page where discussion is held whether to make a specific page a FA or GA or anything else. Please also see: SikhiWiki:Rating Articles.

To place stub to an articles is simple and doesn't need any discussion.

To place stub article, copy and paste the following at the end of the article:


These 'templates' are placed on pages. Stub articles can be added whenever one wishes. But when you want to rate a specific article better than stub, you have to post it in the discussion of this page, and the most active members (any of sarabjeet, allenwala, ...) and sysops (hari singh, ...) will decide.

  • Category:Start class Articles in SikhiWiki - Articles that are starting to look like an normal article should be put in this category. Half of the information in these articles is missing. Need much attention but less than Stub class.
  • Category:B class Articles in SikhiWiki - Articles that are 50/50. Somewhat in between. This also needs attention.
  • Category:Good Articles in SikhiWiki - Well written articles that still aren't complete and need some attention.
  • Category:Featured Articles in SikhiWiki - Articles needing no or little attention.