Sikh cabbie displays real spirit of Christmas

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Sikh cabbie displays real spirit of Christmas Dec 22, 2008 by Chris Smith

Today I want to nominate my Good Christmas Samaritan.

The Smith family was in a taxi on Saturday night, heading off to Carols in the Domain, which we thoroughly enjoyed, by the way.

We got talking to the driver about the Christian aspect of Christmas.

He was saying, as a Sikh, that he found it silly that some people - politicians mainly - were scared of using the word Christmas and Christ.

After all, he said, “We came to a Christian country… it’s a wonderfully, well-spirited time… and me and my family enjoy it.”

Hear, hear.

Anyway, when we arrived at the Domain guess who realised that he’d left his wallet at home? Yep, this dumbo.

We did have a small amount of cash and this terrific fellow, Sidhu is his name, urged me to keep the cash, enjoy the night, pay him another day. And if that wasn’t enough generosity, he asked me whether I needed some more money to get through the evening.

What a legend.

So, I’ve arranged to pay Sidhu this afternoon - we will use him directly as a regular taxi man, and he is my Good Sam for the day.

There are some great people in the city and we sometimes forget that.

Which brings me to what I saw in the City on Saturday night.

Amongst all the flags, trees, baubles and bunting, I did not see the word Christmas, I did not see a nativity scene, I did not see anything associating Christmas with the religious event it is.

Why the hell not?

Now I hope I’m wrong here. I hope I’ll receive some call, from someone, who will tell me the opposite.

But given the fact that Sydney City Council has some form for this, I am very suspicious.

Are they being sensitive, to the non-Christians, many of whom acknowledge they live in a predominantly Christian country?

They’ve never actually complained, but that hasn’t stopped the silly, over-sensitivity. Go and talk to Sidhu, the Sikh taxi-driver.

He’ll tell you what I mean.

We should be unafraid to make reference to Christmas being the Christian celebration it is.

And if anyone has a problem with that - stiff cheddar.

I hope I’m wrong.