Rupak Taal

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Rupak tal is a common seven beat tal in Northern India.

Rupak (7/3). It contains seven matras: it is split into three parts, the first part is of the three matras, the next two matras each. The first matra and sam is khali, while the fourth and sixth matra get a tali (clap) each. This tal is like teevra tal is not khali as follows:

Matras 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Words (bol) DHIN DHA TRIK DHIN DHIN DHA TRIK Theka +0 2 3

Some people do the rupak tal in the following way:

Matras 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Words (bol) TIN TIN NA DHIN NA DHIN NA Theka +0 2 3

Rupak tal may be found in almost any musical style. It is found in film songs, kheyal, gazal, instrumental pieces; virtually any north Indian form. The only forms where it is absent are the dhrupad and dhammar styles of singing; it is only absent in these styles because tivra tal serves the same function.

Rupak is unique among the tals in that the first beat ( i.e., the sam) is khali (i.e., represented by a wave of the hand).

The theka of rupak is uncomfortably similar to pashtu tal. The only difference is that many musicians prefer to think of pashtu as consisting entirely of claps; while rupak tal begins with a wave of the hand.

The form of rupak is shown below: CLAPPING/ WAVING ARRANGEMENT:wave, 2, 3, clap, 2, clap, 2 NUMBER OF BEATS : 7 THEKA : Tin Tin Naa Dhin Naa Dhin Naa

Roopak 7 Beats 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Basic Beat Toon Toon Na Dhin Na Dhin Na

Vartiation 1 DhaTiTe KiTeTeKe TiTeKiTe DhinNa --Na ToonNa --Na

Variation 2 ToonNa ToonNa TiTe DhinDhin DhaDha DhinDhin DhaDha

Variation 3 Toon Toon NaNa DhinDhin DhaDha DhinDhin DhaDha

Variation 4 Toon Toon TiTeKite DhinDhin DhaDha DhinDhin DhaDha

Alla Rakha's Variation DhaTiTe KiTeTiKe TiTeKiTe DhinNa --Na ToonNa --Na NaTiTe KiTeTiKe TiTeKiTe DhinNa --Na ToonNa --Na

Tevera (7 beats) Dha Di* Na TiTe KaTi GeDi GeNa

Dhamar (14 beats) Ke Dhi Te Dhi Te Dha -- Ke Ti Te Ti Te Na --

Ammir Taal (7 beats) Toon-- Na TraKe Dhin Na KeTeDha TieTeKiTe

Peshto Taal (7 beats) TiTeKiTe Dhin -- Dha Dha Toon --