Raja Karam Singh

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Portrai of Maharaja Karam Singh and Vaishnava icons, painted inside the throne alcove, Masnad Hall, Qila Mubarak - late 19th C.

Raja Karam Singh (1798-1845), was the 4th Patialvi ruler of the princely state of Patiala, Born to Rajah Sahib Singh (1773-1813), and Rani As Kaur, into a Jatt family of Royal Sidhu clan. He ascended the throne on 30th June 1813. He was married to Bibi Rup Kaur, the daughter of Sardar Bhanga Singh, the Sikh Chief of Thanesar State, present day Kurukshetra, in Haryana.

Maharaja Karam Singh helped the British in 1814 in checking Gurkha incursions into the Punjab hills and secured in return a large tract in the Himalayan foothills. He was an able ruler but also a traitor to the Sikh faith. He had shrines built in honour of the Gurus at many historical sites within his state and outside, making endowments for their maintenance, but at the same time he killed thousands of Nihang Sikhs, and killed Jatehdar Akali Baba Hanuman Singh (1756-1845), near Patiala, as Nihang Sikhs were fighting to save the Punjab Sikh Raj, While he was to impress the British with his loyalty. Maharaja Karam Singh died at Patiala on 23 December 1845, going with a Black Face, as a murderer of Sikhs, and a traitor, from 8.4 million lifetime rebirths.

It is s shame traitor like Raja Karma, showed he was not a Sikh, but sold his own Sikhi, to impress the British, foreigners, People will remember him as a Traitor, Greedy, Killer, and a helper of British east India Company.