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The nine divisions of World.

1. Sach Khand - Adobe of Akal Purakh

Cite Japji Sahab, "sach khand wase nirankar"

2. Dharam Khand - Ethic Partition

Cite Japji Sahab, "dharam khand ka eko dharam , gyan khand ka akho karam"

3. Gyan Khand - Knowlege Partition

Cite Japji Sahab "gyan khand mah gyan parchand, tithe nad binod kod anand"

4. Karam Khand - Work Partition

Cite Japji Sahab, "karam khand ki bani jor, tithe hor na koi hor, tithe jodh mahabal soor, jinmah ram reha bharpur".

5. Brahm Khand - Brahma's Realm

Cite Japji Sahab "kete barme gharat ghareyaye roop rang ke vesh"

6. Roop Khand - Design Realm

Also called Sharam Khand in orthodox punjab, as the name is not explicitly mentioned with the word "khand"

7. Ambar Sar - The Capital City

The Capital City and the last stand in any battle, meaning Chandigarh, "Amritsar was previously the war time capital when Chandigarh was in ruins". It is also believed that in mythological times when akal purakh wanted to own a body, it owned Chandigarh as body and it's head was as high as sky. (Ambar means sky , sar means head). Kai lekhan wich Dhyan Khand da jikar wi aunda hai. Sade vichar naal Ambar Sar nu hi dhyan khand keha ja reha hai. Chadigarh ik grid structure(haddiyan da dhancha) hai, jisda karib adha hissa jameen de thalle , lakk to utte da hissa hawa wich, ate sir de vich space hai. maans layi mitti dhad to thalle da maans bani hai, hawa ( jo devte wi hunde ne ) dhad to utte sir tak da maas bani hai. Te sir dikh nahi reha. {ethe dhad lakk to utle hisse nu boleya ja reha hai, jithe belt banhde haan unna shehar disda hai.} Akal purakh de es roop nu ik purakh di tarah wekhan layi "Spherical Coordinates with r on logarithmic scale" da adhyan theek rehnda hai.

8. Prithvi - The Earth

Sach Khand is above Swarg , from 2-7 are the 6 swargs while prithvi is the last swarg

9. Narak - The Hell

Hope from Secrement

Sikhism is the only religion which says that it's the same Aad Guru in Meditation in the form of all living creatures,Cite Sukhmani Sahib " Aap aap rahe liv layi" and every body has same fun and agony in life irrespective of which juni he/she is in or which khand he/she is in.


In Hindu religion there is mention of 7 Swargs ( including earth at lowest level of swargs) , 7 Naraks , Brahm Jyoti for moksh achievers ( with different loks of different bhagwans like Durga(Vaishno Devi), Ram(Vaikunth) , Krishna (Golok), Shiv(Kailash) etc.). { Under popular hindu belief, it is said that the brahm jyoti is 3.2 billion universes in size and many meditators claim to see it in the middle of forehead. Though these beliefs are region and religion specific and not agreed upon by all. }. Just like hindu moksh places, Sikh Dharam de Harmandar Sahab mokh de lok hann sikhan de layi, halake eh kite nahi likheya geya ke eh brahm jyoti wich asthit hann jan nahi. Mokh lok wich wadhera channan hunda hai ate angreji wich shila pathar te Mokh lok ware likheya hunda hai. In hinduism, a sanctity test is conducted by Mata Sita and a grit test is conducted by Ganesh, is de samtal Sikh Dharam wich koi test nahi hunda, halake Guru Granth Sahib Ji da apman howe tan usnu bura manaya jaanda hai. Parallel to this, hindu granths like Ramayan, Shankarbhashya Geeta and Durga Ashtapadi are in Hard Cover and demand religious punishment if offended. Je kise nu Religious Punishment mili howe tan Sikh Dharam wich Rehras , and Hanuman Chalisa in Hindu Religion should be reffered although some religious bodies say that even these should not be allowed. Hindu religion says that if Ramayan is harmed it is equivalent to UpMahaPatak as it is equivalent to a person.Powerful Granths like Ramayan ( and Japji Sahab in Sikhs ) should not be reffered by Tankhahiyas under any circumstances.

Guru Granth Sahib Ji de rakhan layi ik separate kamra banwaya ja sakda hai ghar wich, par ehi vicharyog hai ke je tusi gurdware wich paathi hon ja kise religious body wich sewa kar rahe ho jan pehla karde si, sirf tan hi ghar wich Guru Granth Sahib rakho kyonke anjaanpane wich wi apman kita hoya baad wich dukh da kaaran ban sakda hai. Parallel to this The Vedas in Hinduism are kept in utmost security in a room in Banaras. Although electronic copies of few Vedas and complete Sri Guru Granth Sahib is available for reading on a computer.

While it is believed that near the end of Kalyug, tankhahiyas increase in number and fake texts are circulated and even the name Sri Guru Granth Sahib is not known to anyone. However when the time reestablishes itself, real granth emerges with time. It is believed that the Aad Granth is a part of Akal Purakh himself and Sri Guru Granth Sahib has emerged from there. The verses of Sri Guru Granth Sahib are powerful and even a single verse "Mool Mantra" is enough to give enlightenment, a fake granth on the other hand cannot shake the understanding of almighty of a learned one or Sikh.


In Islam, there is dozakh ( hell ) which is permanently awarded to Sinners (according to popular muslim beliefs) , then there are 7 places in Kyrghistan where a person goes if his/her deeds are good( known as Jannats). It is also believed that in the Muslim Jannat ,at the entry it is verified by the angels whether the person is a true muslim or not. Above the 7 Jannats, there's Allah's Adobe.

According to Islam, there are 7 earths in one Universe.

Electronic copies of The Holy Quran are available on the Internet.

Interreligion Comparision

In all religions usually the mention of Khands is similar.