Militants killed, as Sikh homes destroyed in Orakzai strikes

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Sikh homes/shops destroyed

In a followup to stories in Dawn News, which several months ago reported on the plight of many longtime Sikh residents of Pakistan whose homes, businesses and belongings were seized by the Taliban, some after the families had paid the so called tax on non-muslims and other families who had refused the tax, all of whom were fortunate to escape with their lives. Recent Gurpurbs which saw the displaced Sikhs joined by many Sikhs from India must have lightened the hearts of these families who have since long taken shelter in several Sikh Gurdwaras of Pakistan, unfortunately now many families will have no homes to return to, if they decide to one day return. Story from Dawn News Nov. 14, 2009.

Ammunition and food dumped in the houses occupied from the Sikh community was also destroyed in the air strikes. – ©Reuters

KOHAT: At least 12 militants were killed and a big ammunition depot was destroyed when jetfighters pounded hideouts of Taliban in lower Orakzai Agency on Saturday.

A huge quantity of ammunition and food and seven camps of Taliban were destroyed in the air strikes in Sultanzai, Feroze Khel, Bezote and Sam areas of Orakzai Agency. Five militants were also injured in the attack.

The jets destroyed food store established in the empty house of Sikh leader Gulab Singh in Sultanzai where several Taliban were also killed and injured. The Sikh family had left the area after Taliban imposed religious tax on them and upon their refusal occupied their houses and shops earlier this year.

Sources said that suicide bombers were entering Peshawar from Orakzai Agency via Khyber tribal region to target bazaars and sensitive army installations.

Similarly in heavy bombardment by the jetfighters two bunkers and underground ammunition dumps were also blown up in Bezote area of Orakzai Agency along Kohat district. Twelve militants were killed in the air strikes.

Officials said that five militants were arrested during search operation in Tora Warai in Hangu district, located at the border between Orakzai and Kurram Agency. They had been shifted to unknown place for interrogation, he said.

An official said that jets and helicopter gunships were carrying out strikes in the stronghold of Taliban in Orakzai Agency with short intervals to stop the movement of militants from Kurram Agency and Waziristan Agency.

Eyewitnesses said that Taliban had surrounded the areas, which came under attack. They were busy in removing debris to recover the injured and the dead buried under the rubble, they added. The injured were being shifted to Khyber Agency and their small health centre at the border area of Chappri Feroze Khel for treatment.

The air strikes on the positions of Taliban in Orakzai Agency left more than 20 militants dead and 22 injured besides destroying their seven camps during the last 24 hours.

Old links to the stories and other articles on this site often no longer work, but who knows, with massive so called cloud servers increasing across the world, here is a link to the original story as reported on Dawn News. Link to story [1]