Man in 70s fights off armed robber

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The robber points a gun at the store owner's grandfather, who being a Sikh wears a turban

Man In 70s Fights Off Armed Robber February 24, 2012 by KCRA News Source:

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KCRA) -- A man in his 70s fought off a masked gunman attempting to rob a Sacramento convenience store, Better Trade Market on 12th Avenue, Saturday night, officers said.

Police dubbed the man chased off by Baldev Singh Dhillon as the "Evil Clown Robber" because of the mask he was wearing.

Police said the man is wanted for the attempted robbery Saturday night, as well as two other robberies Thursday.

Images -- Masked Robber Loses His Disguise

"This guy is very dangerous. The first two, he goes into the store and fires a couple rounds at employees," said Andrew Pettit, a spokesman for the Sacramento Police Department.

Dhillon's son owns Better Trade Market, and Baldev Dhillon is here visiting his son for a couple months.

Baldev Dhillon is a retired police officer from India.

"When someone shows you a gun, what else can you do?" asked Bikram Singh Dhillon, interpreting for his father, who does not speak English. "You have to do something to protect yourself and the whole family."

Surveillance video captured Baldev Dhillon as he quickly stopped organizing chips, turned and slapped away a gun the robber was pointing right at him.

Baldev Dhillon then chased the man out the door, ripping off his mask.

Once the would-be robber got outside, Bikram Dhillon said he saw the man run down the street and hop into a light blue sedan with an accomplice waiting in the driver's seat.

Baldev and Bikram Dhillon said they were both glad the man didn't fire any shots in their store because Bikram Dhillon's wife and children were standing just feet away, near the register.

"I am so glad. Thank you for him to be here for us," said Rajwant Dhillon, Bikram Dhillon's wife.

Police said a man matching the would-be robber's description was caught on camera coming into the first two stores that were burglarized just before the crimes without his mask on.

While they wouldn't release those photos to KCRA 3, they said detectives are using them to identify the suspect.

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