Maharani Datar Kaur

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Maharani Raj Kaur Nakai / Datar Kaur (d. 1838)

Maharani Raj Kaur, alias Datar Kaur (d. 1838), was the second Sikh wife of Maharaja Ranjit Singh (1780-1839), also known as Sher-e-Panjab, She was married to Ranjit Singh, in 1798, both couples, were in still young, when their Anand Karaj, was arranged. She was popularly known as, Mai Nakain. She was the daughter of Sardar Ran Singh (d. 1781), a Sandhu Jatt, Sikh Chieftain, of Nakai Misl. She was the granddaughter of Sardar Natha Singh (d. 1768), of Nakai Misl, and nephew of the famous Sardar Hira Singh Sandhu (1706-1767), founder of the Sikh principality of Nakai Misl, In 1748.

The name of Maharaja Ranjit Singh's mother was also Raj Kaur, in which, Maharani Raj Kaur, was renamed as Datar Kaur, As According to Punjabi Tradition, one cannot have the same name as the elders of the family.

Though Ranjit Singh married several other women, Mai Nakain remained his favourite. She was the mother of the heir apparent, Kharak Singh (1801-1840). She took active interest in the affairs of the State and accompanied her son, Kharak Singh, when he was sent out on an expedition to Multan in 1818. She was the grandmother of Maharaja Nau Nihal Singh (1821-1840), a famous Sikh ruler. Raj Kaur died on 20 June 1838, at Lahore. Her Samadh, was built, during the last days of the Secular Sikh Raj.

Later her daughter In law Maharani Chand Kaur (d. 1842), and the Rani Nanaki Kaur, wife of Nau Nihal Singh, were cremated, at the same spot. Today the site has become part of Islamia College, Civil Lines, Lahore grounds.

Samadh Maharani Datar Kaur, and her daughter In law, Maharani Chand Kaur, and Rani Nanaki Kaur, In Lahore