Lahili Kalan

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LAHILI KALAN, village 15 km southeast of Hoshiarpur (31°32'N, 75°55'E) in the Punjab, has an historical shrine, Gurudwara Jand Sahib Patshahl VII, raised in honour of Guru Har Rai, who visited the site during a journey from Kiratpur to Kartarpur. The Gurdwara is a high ceilinged hall, with a square sanctum in the centre. Above the sanctum is a domed room with a goldplated pinnacle and umbrella shaped final topped by a khanda. The jand (Prosopis specigera) tree believed to have existed since the time of Guru Har Rai's visit and lending its name to the Gurdwara is about 30 metres west of the main building.


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